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Blogwars – Authenticity and Value in the Blogosphere

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Just a short one to announce that I’ll be giving a short seminar talk on some of my research on blogs next week, on Tuesday 29 July from 12-13.00. The title is: “Blogwars – Authenticity and Value in the Blogosphere”: it’s a case study of a blogwar centred around a hateblog, and I’m trying to say something useful about the way in which both commenters and bloggers together ‘make’ a blog.

It’s at Monash University Sunway (it’s the new campus, close to Sunway University College).
Details here; Location map here; Facebook event here.

Please do come along if you’re interested :-)


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Owen Wiltshire on :

Sounds very interesting - any chance you can make a podcast?

I've just started my official "fieldwork" period, and will be writing up a story about how anthropologists have used the blogsphere to debate issues like the Human Terrain system in public.

I'm also looking at blogging in comparison with journal publishing, so these questions of authenticity and value are very important!

Look forward to hearing more,

julian on :

Hi and thanks for the comment,
You're the second person to ask, but there are no plans as yet for a podcast/video. But I'll ask.
I'll put the presentation up though, so that may be of some help.

hweicheng on :

Sounds interesting! I would love to attend!!!! If only I'm there.....

julian on :

Thanks :-) I hope it will be - I'll put the presentation online once it's done.

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