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Nuffangers buka puasa at the apartment downtown

Last Saturday Nuffnang was kind enough to invite me to a blogger sharing session at the apartment downtown. It’s in KLCC, right in front of the fountains, and there is a nice view from downstairs (where the restaurant is) and upstairs (where there’s a bar). The design concept is interesting – based on the ‘apartment’ theme, there’s like a living room, bedroom, shower, etc… even the toilet is called the ‘Loo’.

The concept of the menu seems to be ‘east meets west’ – in the buffet they had pasta, lamb, chicken as well as ikan cincalok, kangkong, rendang and other Malaysian specialties. I had the ikan cincalok, pasta, kangkong and bread with a tasty butter (it had sundried tomatoes in it I think) – it was OK, but the pasta was overcooked. For desert I jumped on the apple and pear crumble, along with some kuih – all very nice, and the coffee was good too. Unfortunately free alcohol was not on offer (boo) but the coolers were very refreshing. Their menu is online, if you want to check it out.

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