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Blogin Hood

A recent article in The Star noted the arrest of an "'Untouchable' crime kingpin" (pdf of the article here).

From the point of view of blogs, what was interesting about that article was one sentence:
"The suspect, who is also widely mentioned in a blog, has since been taken to an undisclosed location in the country to assist in investigations." (my emphasis)

One wonders what is the point of that statement.

Maybe mentioning the blog is a way of indirectly revealing the name of the person arrested? I assume the blog in question is Malaysia Today, which reproduces the article with some links to relevant previous posts (here), and if you read through them a number of names do get mentioned. However, to work out who exactly may have been arrested is impossible, given the number of names mentioned, and secondly, one would have to be somewhat familiar with the Malaysian blogosphere to guess that it was Malaysia Today which was being implied...

Not to dismiss the many efforts of Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) to expose links between organised crime and senior police and/or government officials, I honestly don't think his blog is the direct cause of the arrest.

Some of his readers do though (comments from the above-linked post):

And how do you think they caught this untouchable?

And why are they cracking sydicate crimes?

All because RPK exposed them and they were made to look like fools. So to salvage whatever reputation they have as cops, they had to do this.

Johorians owe all this to RPK. Malaysia owes this to RPK. (Anon 05/08 10:49:51)

Who is running to police force? IGP pr RPK? Looks like RPK because he is the one who has been exposing the culprits. (Asamboi)
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