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Predicting hyperbole

A quote from a blog post dated 2 June 2006:

The CEO of the world's second-largest media company, Publicis, say "In a couple of years, most of the information you share, most of the advertising you read, most of the messages you send and most of the music you listen to, will transit through your cell phone." (Ahonen)

Note that we are now February 2008 and I have yet to notice the demise of television, internet, billboards, mp3 players, the radio, etc...

You have to wonder what planet that guy is living on? I suppose it's the planet of high-flying advertising agency directors who spend their time convincing themselves and their clients that their 'vision' is the next 'blue ocean', 'flat earth', 'synergistic competitive collaboration', 'strategic pro-active pre-positioning preparation', 'glocal event horizon', or whatever term required to seem different from what was 'the future' six months before...