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New Year over Kuala Lumpur

This NY eve a friend invited us to his new flat, where he has a good view of KLCC and the KL skyline.

I was trying out the 'Fireworks' option on my Canon PowerShot S80; it's OK, but not excellent - even with the tripod there was some movement and these were the best photos I got

I did try to do manual shots (which is also possible on the S80), but they were completely useless - so the Fireworks function does do something useful!

What was particularly nice about the view, was that you can see fireworks from many different places along the skyline

On a somewhat unrelated note, but in the interest of pimping his effort - I wonder if will Huai Bin be offering any fireworks in his (hoped for) F&N Free Party? 8-)

The ultimate party?

The idea of a party raises all kinds of ideas in my mind, but I cannot doubt it would be interesting :-)

Well, the old days are long gone, so there would be none of that happening I'm sure

Would he serve up some of his dubious home cooked food?

There would definitely be 'ethanol'

and tobacco

People who like to party

But if he asks you if you want to try some party tricks…

make sure you check before you say yes! ;-)

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