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Mr. Potato rocks with Hujan!

After blogging about philosophy and potato chips for Nuffnang, I got invited to the 'Mr. Potato Fiesta' last week.

It was at the Mist Club in Bangsar
mist club bangsar

As usual with the Nuffnang events, there were prizes galore given out, food and drinks were provided - the beer was upstairs on the balcony for some reason and at first we missed it. The door gift was a big bag full of potato chips, a 'Mexican' hat (actually, it was one of those gardener's hats you see workers by the road using, painted in red - but it did the trick :-)), and a fake moustache. The bag is a good sturdy reusable bag, and I'm using it to go to the market now.
mr potato fiesta nuffnang mist club

Mr Potato rocked with Hujan, while others took photos. Hujan were good - rock/punk mosh pit stuff.
mr potato fiesta nuffnang mist club hujan

There were prizes for best dressed, and for the best blog post - top prize RM5,000! Nice! Second was 3K, and third 2K.
mr potato fiesta nuffnang mist club

The top blogger was Kecik, second place was The Egg Yolks, and the third created a new blog for the entry - Mr. Fussy, which was pretty smart I think.

There were multiple hampers and giveaways, and as for me - I won something in a Lucky Draw!
gsc signature vouchers

Two GSC Signature voucher :-D Actually, they're going to be an Xmas gift to my in-laws ('cos I'm massively skint at the moment), so I'll have to find out from them what it's like to luxuriate in wonderful seats, get service while watching the film, etc.

Thanks again Nuffnang, who have provided me with many enjoyable evenings and multiple freebies.

Web Marketing - FAIL!

I'm sure most of you have heard about the Twitter virus/worm that spread around last weekend - it was not very serious, in that it wasn't deleting information or anything, but still I'm sure it pissed off many Tweeters out there.

As has often been the case, it was created by a 17 year old teenager with nothing better to do; in fact the guy seems quite talented as he has created his own Twitter-like service (which I'm not going to link - seeing as that was what the worm was doing) - which I suppose is not very easy.

The thing that is mind-blogging is the reason he gave: apart from being "bored", and the standard 'exposing security problems', he said that he wanted to
"promot[e] myself or my website." (

Think about it: you want to attract people away from Twitter, what is a good way to do this?
1. Provide a better service, do promotions, get media/blog coverage, convince Microsoft to buy you out, etc. etc?
2. Hijack their accounts and piss them off forever?