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Using the Event Viewer tool in Vista

--Another one that I couldn't post it here due to another problem to do with a 'mod_security' module on the Apache sever (apparently, I don't understand what it was) - I will blog about that in the Geekzone at some point--
I had the "host process for windows services stopped working and was closed" error again, and had a look around.

The Vista Help says that “the cause could be smaller programs, such as extensions… check with the software publisher to see if there is an updated, DEP-compatible version available, or try uninstalling the program.”

DEP is “Data Execution Prevention”: basically it is a service that stops programs that may be damaging your system (i.e. viruses, etc.); “If a program tries running (also known as executing) code from memory in an incorrect way, DEP closes the program.” (the Help file again). The program it’s closing here is svchost.exe: being something apparently quite important to Windows, it’s kind of worrying that it shuts it down, but everything else seems to continue fine…

Anyway, I Googled the error message and came across a few similar issues: here and here

They mentioned using the “Event Log”, so I decided to try it. You go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer, and get this

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