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My food fetish - Cili goreng!

Banana leaf is one of my favourite foods, and whenever we feel like eating out, I'm almost inevitably (and boringly) going to suggest "Banana leaf!".

So last Sunday, we decided to check out a banana leaf place near our house. We walked there - a walk of about 15-20 minutes through the suburbs of Kelana Jaya (and I should have put on some suncream, as I ended with a very red neck!). On the way we saw this unusual frontage on a house
Suburban house with Lord Ganesh, Malaysia

closer up, you can see how it's an elaborate scene with Lord Ganesh - apart from that the house looked completely normal though.
Suburban house with Lord Ganesh, Malaysia

We got the the shoplots and ordered daun pisang, as well as some fried tengiri... yum...
Banana leaf aka daun pisang dish, Malaysia

One of the things I like best about banana leaf are the extra bits that come with - fried potato chips, pappadom, and especially cili goreng!!
Banana leaf aka daun pisang dish with cili goreng, Malaysia

Man, I'm drooling just thinking of them. Cili goreng are chilis that have been dried in salt, which draws salt inside the chili; then they are dropped into boiling oil, and scooped out as soon as they rise to the surface. Delicious, and although you can buy them in some shops, they are the best when they have been freshly cooked.

The meal for two, with two pieces of fried fish and two drinks each came out to RM22, which is OK. I didn't do a proper blogger job of getting a photo of the sign/getting the name and address (tsk, tsk) - but here's a map of where it is.
Kelana Jaya map banan leaf restaurant

And here's a close up of that cili goreng again - oOOOooooohh it's sooOO hot :-P :-P
cili goreng, salted dried and fried chili, Malaysia

Nasi Lemak Cikgu

One of the nice things about having friends to visit is that you are forced to go out and do something, and you usually end up learning more about where you live.

WW had hearf about 'Nasi Lemak Cikgu' many times, and our guest said he wanted to try some Malay food - so we checked it out for breakfast today

It was full, with many families and people enjoying the food, and it took a little while to get a nice table.

The choice of food is simple - nasi lemak biasa, with fried egg, chicken, or sotong. We ordered a selection, along with some drinks (teh-o-limau, etc.)

Verdict? Nice, though it didn't seem amazing to me. But the chicken was tasty (fried with curry leaf), the sambal tart (but it could have been a bit hotter), and the sotong tender :-) However, there were hardly any ikan bilis, which was a pity.

It cost RM20 for three plates of nasi lemak, chicken, two portions of sotong, and the drinks, which is reasonable.

The address is Jalan SS5B/2, easily accesible from the LDP if you turn off at the Western Digital junction.

Fishball Lunch

I go periodically to the SEA Park area, and I find it is full of good eating spots.

One that I like is the Tang House Of Fishball

It has a cool (as in low temperature) atmosphere, with marble topped chairs and stools, and a menu with various classical Chinese (or Teo Chew, I suppose) dishes

One of which is the 'Celery noodles', of which I ordered the 'dry' version (i.e. with the soup on the side) - cost about RM6

The noodles are green, cooked nicely al dente, with a sprinkling of pork mince and fried fish cake. Very nice. Though I was a bit disappointed as the fish balls were not stuffed, and I'm sure they were the last time I got the dish!

Anyway, I would recommend the place for anyone wanting a light lunch. They also have some nice looking 'ais potong' and various desserts.

12 & 14, Jln. 21/19
SEA Park
Tel: 03-7876 5461

(P.S: As an attempt in 'speed blogging', 20 minutes for this post has failed miserably against sixthseal's three minutes!)

Kuching Kooking

We ate at a food court place in Carpenter Street (where I the shop signs are). A very nice seafood porridge (just as I like it, with a tasty soup and non-mushy rice), and some kuey chap - which is a local speciality

The kuey chap is mix of various fried bits of pork in a slightly sourish thin brown sauce. To be honest, I didn't really like it a lot, but the spouse did.

And of course, it was accompanied by some cheap Kuching beer - a large bottle of Tsing Tao for RM7! Beer is very cheap everywhere here (e.g. RM3.80 for a can of Tiger in the supermarket) - I think it has something to do with Labuan, and 'closing one eye' ;-)

**Forgot to say - we're off to Bako until Sunday, will update after that**

I eat once a day

Well, not me – fortunately I get to stuff my face with home-baked bread and delicious Malaysian food every day.

However, not everyone is so fortunate… This is Ahmed Mohamed Abdul who was a truck driver in Somalia, but had to leave because of the violence there. He came to Yemen and now ekes a living washing cars, making RM5-8 each day.

"I eat once a day, twice if I have earned good money," he said.

"In the morning I eat two pieces of bread with vegetables, and at night, if there's money, I eat bread again with tea.” (BBC)