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I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution

Nuffang is offering yet another Premiere screening for the lucky Glitterati of the blogosphere, this time it's the Premiere Screening of Dragonball Evolution.

As usual, you have to exercise your creative brain cells to get the tickets. This time, you have to have a picture of you (or a friend) "in a Kame Hame Ha" pose.

But I don't really know Dragon Ball, and I was wondering what exactly was the 'Kame Hame Ha'? :-|

I was alone at home, and none of my friends were around, so I turned to 'man's best friend'

Gambit is a smart dog, but I wasn't expecting much.
And what I really didn't expect was...

(scroll down)


A demonstration!! :-D


Who wants to live forever?

Highlander is a great movie. Apart from the action and stuff, what I liked most about it was the historical aspect (because I'm boring that way)

The portrayal of life in a medieval Scottish village was authentically dirty and brutal I found (though Christophe Lambert's 'Scottish' accent never convinced me...)

Anyway, as nicolekiss was ruminating, I also sometimes wish I could 'live forever'. I would so love to see the future - to see all the amazing changes that will happen. I guess my love for travelling and anthropology comes from the same impulse - I just want to see the whole world and experience all the different things there are... I used to think that if I had one wish, I would wish to be able to speak all languages and to be able to change my appearance to be like any racial group in the world - though sometimes I wonder if that isn't just an impulse to escape from myself...

On the other hand, you may end up looking like this!

'The Rise of the Lycans starts Jan 09'

Check out Nuffnang if you want to see it!

AMBP Bolt Caption contest

There's a AMBP caption contest for tickets and goodies for the new animated film Bolt, a dog who thinks he's a superhero but is forced to face reality in a road trip across America.

This is my entry :-)

Mittens: ‘Do you really think we can make it as fashion designers?”
Rhino: “You bet my bubble we can!”

Nuffnang Mamma Mia screening

Yet another free movie thanks to Nuffnang :-) Thanks again!

There are many reviews of Mamma Mia out there (will do a list in the next post) but here’s my opinion anyway.

It was enjoyable, and I like Meryl Streep, so I enjoyed seeing her in a pretty unconventional role. However, I’m not completely convinced by this recent slew of semi-musicals with conventional actors (the other one I saw was Sweeny Todd ): I mean, they don’t sing that well, and that is important for a musical after all! As a comparison, I didn’t enjoy it as much as Across the universe , which I think is because I prefer The Beatles to ABBA, and it had a very cool sixties/psychedelic feel to it. Also, the singers were better – perhaps because they were not big stars, so the casting could be done more in relation to their musical skills. WW preferred Mamma Mia to Across the Universe, so I guess it depends…

It’s a fun movie though, with an unexpected ending and a non-conventional feel to it – it’s good to see a movie that’s not obsessed with showing youth as the only beauty. Although there are scenes with hot young women and men, there are also scenes with older people enjoying themselves too. There is some very nice photography that made me feel like going to Greece again. Overall, I’d give it 7.5/10.

Before I left for the movie, I spotted a post by joshuongys who was suggesting that Nuffnangers meet up at Burger King beforehand – and managed to gather about 30 bloggers and friends there! Not bad! He only posted the post the night before, but it got Nanged enough to put it in the top ten in Innit which probably explains the turnout.

Normally I never eat in fast food (costs too much and isn’t very good usually), but I will make an exception for Burger King – and I tried out a Black Pepper Whopper. Honestly it wasn’t bad, although the sauce kept dripping all over the place. Here’s the obligatory food photo :-)

I met Jentzen and Marcus for the first time, and caught up with a couple of other bloggers. In the cinema, there was a funny incident when I started talking to the people next to me – somehow they weren’t bloggers and had got the tickets from a friend, and looked at me kind of strangely when I started chatting and asking them what was their blog…

OK – I gotta rush because… I GOT FREE TICKETS TO HED KANDI!! Hehehe :-D Thanks to yapthomas I found out about a competition a week or so ago, and yesterday got a call to tell me to get to Euphoria before 11pm today. Honestly, I haven't been to a club in years (literally), so I feel I've got nothing decent to wear and wondering how long I will last - but I'm looking forward to it anyway :-)

Death Race - a review

Do any of you remember the cartoon Wacky Races? It was about a car race of wacky cars

And the bad guy was always trying to sabotage the others, but ended up coming last each time although he had the fastest car…

It ran from 1968 to 1970, but I remember watching it in French as a kid, probably around 1977-8.

1975 saw Death Race 2000

It had a pre-Rambo Sylvester Stallone in it – who (surprisingly enough) has a role that involves wielding a machine gun and killing as many people as possible with his car. I guess some things never change :-)

Well, Death Race, which just came out and which I got to see thanks to Nuffnang, is a remake of Death Race 2000, and I couldn’t help thinking of Wacky Races too, when I was watching it. Perhaps they all reflect America’s obsession with cars and violence… It’s strange, although this movie has its fair share of violence and gore, I think that Death Race 2000 – where you have old people being run over to score points, and one scene where nuns were run over – was more gratuitously violent than this one, where the race is on a closed race track on ‘Terminal Island’, only other prisoners (i.e. bad guys anyway, except for our hero) get killed.

It’s an action movie, set in the future where America is beset by unemployment and crime, and all the prisons are run by private corporations. Profit is the major motive, and the warden of Terminal Island prison has come up with the ultimate reality show – a race to the death between prisoners driving heavily armed souped-up sports cars.

Continue reading "Death Race - a review"

Mamma Mia! The Movie

Being older than most of you bloggers out there, I can still remember my older brothers and sisters buying ABBA singles - vinyls with one song on each side. We had S.O.S.; Bang-a-boomerang; Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight), Waterloo – that’s the ones I can remember…

Anyway, how’s this for an embarrassing ABBA related memory… at a festival in Belgium, Bjorn Again were playing (a bootleg band that do covers of ABBA), so I went along to have a good time. I also fancied myself as a bit of a dancer, and hoped to impress some tasty young lady. I spotted some likely ones and positioned myself close to them and started getting into the swing of things. Unfortunately, the night before had seen some serious partying and after waking late I had skipped my shower that morning (OK it was a festival after all!) and, when I raised my arms to sway with the rollicking beats… awful BO wafted out and I saw the girls suddenly look and me and grimace to each other, holding their nose... yeewww…

After that, I invented the patented How-to-shower-with-one-bottle-of-water-behind-a-car technique 8-)

So, what am I looking forward to in seeing Mamma Mia! ?
1. Reliving some of those funky disco dance tunes
2. NOT stinking out unsuspecting bloggers with awful BO!

Hope to see all of you Nuffnang people there!