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I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

WW is drooling at the idea of watching wondering whether Robert Downey Jr. will pull off the English accent as Sherlock Holmes in the new movie out soon.

And, as usual, Nuffnang is offering the chance for some lucky bloggers to see the premiere, for free, before all the other plebs non-bloggers out there :-P

Go to the Nuffnang blog to find out more!

And here is the hidden picture, from "Keep Yakking Digital Commerce" (clue? can you work it out? ;-))

Elementary dear Holmes!

No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009

What is the purpose of a potato chip? What is its function? What defines a potato chip?

For the answer, we can turn to the wisdom of ancient Greek philosophers, and Aristotle in particular:

He argued that everything has a goal, which is its reason to exist. Many things and animals have something in common – but what defines them is what they have which is intrinsic and unique to themselves. For example: both birds and fish eat food, but a fish cannot fly and nor can a bird swim. Therefore, the function unique to a bird is to fly – so, a happy bird is one that can fly (so don't go putting birds in tiny cages :-()

So, what about a potato chip? Well, it's clear, the purpose of a potato chip is to be a tasty snack.

First, it has to be somewhat filling (but not too much, it's a snack, remember): as an Irishman, I will of course need my occasional does of potatoes, so potato chips do the job well :-)

What is the other function of a potato chip? It is to delight your five senses: touch, sight, sound, smell and taste:

Touch: a potato chip should be light, with a delicate dusting of salt and flavourful goodness that adheres slightly to the fingers, providing extra delight when you lick it off (or let your dog lick it off, **after** you've done eating)
potato crisp

Sight: a potato chip should gently recall the frying process, with crispy edges and an appetising colour.

Sound: an undervalued aspect of a potato chip is its crunchiness – as you eat, you ears should be filled with crunching. If there's no noise, then it's gone soft and gross...

Smell: as you open the packet, and bring a potato chip to your mouth, your taste buds should get an enticing foretaste of what is about to enter your mouth
potato crisp open packet

And, last but not at all least...

Taste! You can choose from many types of tastes, and each person has their preference
potato crisps on supermarket shelf

the taste of the potato chip is the ultimate reward to the Aristotelian seeking the good life. Applying reason to the case in hand, he (or she) will recognise the telos, the ultimate goal and justification of the potato chip as being in the taste. Is it a simple Salt and Pepper, or a complex and profound Curry Cha Cha?
curry cha cha potato crisps

Whatever it is, don't compromise on the quality of a potato chip!

Don't every compromise on the quality of anything – because by always understanding the essence of things, and aiming for the highest goals, we are able to bring philosophy to our daily life, and walk with the ancients ;-)

(This blog post was composed for a contest organised by Nuffnang and Mister Potato - check out the links for more information.)

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience

I love travelling, and have blogged about hitchhiking to Romania, drinking coffee in Laos, a room with a view in Provence, beers in Belgium, being a tourist in KL, shop signs in Kuching, a sunrise in Kelantan, clouds over Phuket, and a cute devil in Tasmania.

Somehow, although I've been to Singapore a number of times, I've never blogged about it :-| Maybe because my trips were normally work-related, or quick day trips?

Nuffnang & Uniquely Singapore are offering tickets to the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards ceremony, and an "exclusive Uniquely Singapore experience", which sounds intriguing :-). But they want to know why I should be given this special opportunity to experience Singapore: for me, I would like to have the chance to discover more of its history and hidden secrets, and blog about what makes Singapore truly unique.

Singapore is a 21st century multicultural metropolis, steeped in the trading history of ancient Asian and colonial empires - it is discovered slowly, its different shades revealing themselves in the rich nuances that make up the character of this hidden gem of Asian culture and history. Inhabited for at least 1800 years, from the 7th to the 13th century it was part of the great Srivijaya Empire, and from 1819 onwards it grew rapidly under the British Empire. Known as an island city, it is sometimes difficult to see the history amongst the skyscrapers and the shopping malls, and to forget that it has natural areas of natural beauty too.

For my dream day in Singapore, I would want to start early with a Peranakan breakfast - perhaps Otak toast. While it’s still cool, I would explore the park around the MacRitchie Reservoir, established in 1860...
macritchie reservoir singapore

check out the Treetop Walk, enjoy the nature...
fauna flora macritchie reservoir singapore

and dream of finding the elusive Yamashita Gold :-)

For lunch, the 19th century Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus, now a marvelously restored national heritage site known as 'Chimes', would give me a choice of fusion dining venues. To digest my light lunch, I could stroll around the cloisters, and view the stained glass windows in the restored chapel.
chijmes singapore

In the afternoon, tired of walking, the Singapore Sightseeing Pass which has unlimited access to hop-on, hop-off bus and boat tours looks ideal. I think I'd focus on the HiPPO River Cruise: Singapore was always first and foremost a naval city, which breathed the monsoon wind. A global city before globalisation was heard of.

Seeing Singapore from the river would bring back the perspective that the sailors and weary travellers would have seen, welcoming them from around the world
singapore river scenes

Followed by dinner at one of the relaxed riverside cafés of Boat Quay, and an evening of cocktails and jazz
boat quay singapore

To finish a perfect day, I would luxuriate in the sumptuous comfort of the Golden Chersonese Suite of Raffles Hotel,
raffles hotel singapore

drifting into happy dreams and fond memories of the day when I was truly able to...

Pictures under CreativeCommons licenses, credits to: arti47, Eustaquio Santimano, mgrenner57, mjmyap, madaboutasia, Rojina, RWM, The Shopping Sherpa, tuis

Nuffnang Music Bash - Super prize!

OK no time to blog a lot, I'm going to the BarCampKL and I'm gonna be late already... But I have to say something about last night.

The evening didn't start off well... I parked way up at the top of Jalan Sultan Ismail, and had to walk all the way down it - looking like this!

(OK - edit for clarification: I wasn't with Eminem aka Huai Bin while walking :-))
There were people staring, honking and even some errant mat rempits giving me peace signs! :-D But I got there, and was soon enjoying free beer and meeting up with bloggers thanks to Nuffnang and Maxis Broadband.

There was a glam rock band made of bloggers who were pretty good, given that they had only got together one or two weeks ago. And looking very glam!

There were bloggerazzi galore

and the first prize was waiting...

for ME!! I won! Woohoo! :-D

Reggae mon! Rastafari vibrations for I and I!

A big thanks to Nuffnang and Maxis! And to all the bloggers who cheered me on :-) And not forgetting Yatz, who knows his way around KL pretty well - thanks for the lift!

And if you haven't done it already - there are only five days left to do the Malaysian Blog Survey. 474 bloggers and readers have had their say - have you?

I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband

Nuffnang is at it again! This time there's a chance to go the Nuffnang Music Bash 2009.

The theme is "how you wish to be treated if you’re a celebrity" - so I thought about it… You see, my problem is that I don't really look like any celebrity, and I don’t have all the extra accessories to dress up and everything. I asked WW, 'Which celebrity has short hair?' – she looked at me and said 'David Beckham' (which shows just how blind love can be! :-))

So Beckham it was. As you probably know, Beckham is famous for being metrosexual, leading the way for the 21st century man. A famous early episode was when he appeared with Victoria while wearing a sarong. Of course, being metrosexual he wasn't wearing one of those boring checked ones, but in fact had a more exciting woman’s one.

Notice the football and the tattoos (just have to remind you just in case you don't see the resemblance with Beckham :-P)

So, if I was Beckham, I would want to be pampered in the best spas, and get massaged in a Balinese garden with frangipani flowers strewn around, perfuming the air with their delicate fragrance

And of course, how could I do without the face mask? (infused with gold particles of course)

Not forgetting the manicure and pedicure, of course. Add a glass of champagne and - metrosexual life, here I come!

Hehe, so there you have it – my life as Beckham, being massaged, manicured, pedicured, relaxing in pamper-tastic spas and drinking champagne :-D

(With thanks to WW: makeup artist, creative director and multi-talented extra :-))

OK you may have noticed a problem, which I noticed too late. Nuffnang says they want 'Musicon Celebrities', so does Beckham count?? On the other hand, they say "Take a picture of yourself dressed up like a celebrity or impersonate any celebrity you want" – so I dunno… But I do want to go to the party! Please!!

AMBP Bolt Caption contest

There's a AMBP caption contest for tickets and goodies for the new animated film Bolt, a dog who thinks he's a superhero but is forced to face reality in a road trip across America.

This is my entry :-)

Mittens: ‘Do you really think we can make it as fashion designers?”
Rhino: “You bet my bubble we can!”