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A couple of poems

Well, Une fois n'est pas coutume ('Once is not customary') as the French say, so here's a couple of poems I wrote recently. One darker, and the other more hopeful :-)


shooting the hours
with a liquid gun
blasting the minutes
with a mind-ray stun
the tiredness crumbles
the particle waves
sitting in silence
in a lonely bedsit

blazing the memories
in thermal hate
scared to realise
the childhood fate

the walls have holes
light rays spill in
focusing spectral colours
on a lonely heartache

Dec 07


forgiveness is
a heavy soul
a hammer of steel
a weight of gold
a spear of hope
a ray of light
the light of love

Sep 07

To give credit where it is due: these were inspired (more or less) by Christopher Moon, whose workshops I have attended, and who has opened my mind to new ways of understanding myself.