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New Netplace


Well I finally had to get rid of the old pc: its 3D rendering was so spotty it was giving me a headache, and it's just too wierd transmitting in 2D into a 3D meetroom. So the new one has a proper 3D imager, and all the latest gadgets.

It has an integrated personal chip reader, which of course also means that I can now connect to the worldnet from home - which is why I'm staring this new netplace today. To get it registered and allowed access, I had to take it to the Electronic Ministry to get it tuned to my chip, a long queue and rude officials - as per usual - but it was relatively painless. So no more public net access points for me! :-D I was so sick of having to go there whenever I wanted to do some research for my studies.

It's strange to think how people used to just go on the net with no controls at all, it must have been like being invisible and taking the maglev to work - making faces at the guards and peering at people's vidreaders. My grandfather once told me how he had been obsessed with girl in his school, so he had opened his own netplace, and had pretended to be a woman to try to make friends with her. And it worked! No one knew who he was and netmates believed he was a woman. But it worked too well, and he never dared tell the girl, for fear she'd get angry at him... :-P