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The monetisation of blogs in Malaysia

More and more Malaysian bloggers are using their blogs to generate some income; some do it almost as a full-time job, and some do it just as a passing thought - placing advertisements on their blog, and hoping for the best.

How will this affect the Malaysian blogosphere as a whole? Will it make any difference at all?
These are the questions I am trying to answer in the research I am doing for a PhD in Monash University Sunway Campus.

My academic field is social anthropology, and the main method anthropologists use is 'participant observation': this means we have to try to live the life of the people we are trying to learn more about.

I started my first blog in May 2004, and I became bitten by the blog bug (blug?) ;-) However, that blog was anonymous, and in order to be more open, I started this one in 2007; and I have also started to try to make money from it :-)

In addition, in order to gather more data, I read blogs regularly and will be sending out a survey, and asking selected bloggers if they will allow me to interview them.

Update September 2010: I am now writing up the thesis. You can see some results from the myBlogS 2009 survey, or check out the tags listed below.

You can read more about me here.

You can read more details about in the Information Sheet for participants.

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