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Researcher Blogs

Alan Macfarlane
another anthro blog
:: ::
ASA Globalog
The Chronicle of Higher Education Blog
Cicilie among the Parisians
Eriksen's Site
Erkan's field diary
Eszter's Blog
FieldNotes: for the Anthropology of British Columbia
Dr John Postill
Most mobiles...
Native Anthropologist
Open Access Anthropology
Pregnancy and childbirth around the world
Research Blogging
Top 100 Anthropology Blogs
Savage Minds

Academic Blogs - Asia

James Gomez@WP
Questioning the notion of Malaysian Identity through Communication Design Project - A PhD Research

Blogs on Blogs

...and then the world
Dan's Metablog
fishers, surfers, casters
Francessa's Blog Research
Picking Up Sticks
schmidt mit dete

Asian Blogs on Blogs

Acerbic Kueen Rants!
Blackstone's World With
Dr. Han Woo Park's homepage
Research on Malaysian Bloggers
reality bites

Internet Research Blogs

Bernie Hogan
Blogs at the OII
Clay Shirky's Writings About the Internet
David Brake
Digital Ethnography
Edward Castronova
Futures of Learning
Future Perfect
Internet and Democracy Blog
I Think
loose wire blog
Matthew Allen
net critique
online fandom
The Participant Observer
Professional Lurker
The Psychology of Cyberspace
Rami Olwan
Scott Macleod
Unit Structures
Too many topics, too little time
When Religion Meets New Media

Online Journals (Full text)

The Journal of Community Informatics
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
Cybersociology Magazine
Directory of Open Access Journals
Journal of Electronic Commerce Research
Fast Capitalism
Journal of Information Technology and Politics (JITP)
Journal of Interactive Advertising
First Monday
Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet
International Journal of Communication
International Journal of Internet Science
Into the Blogosphere
Jump Cut
M/C Journal
OII Publications
Rocky Mountain Communication Review
Transforming Cultures eJournal
Journal of Virtual Worlds Research

Anthropology Matters
AoIR Wiki - Bibliographies
Arturo Escobar Web Site
Blog Analysis Toolkit
Carl Couch Center for Social and Internet Research
Computer-Mediated Anthropology
Digital Campus
DSpace at Cambridge
The Impoverished Social Scientist's Guide to Free Statistical Software and Resources
Manuel Delanda. Annotated Bibliography
maxmod::online among the gamemodders
New Media and Society Forum
IDRC eBooks
Imagining the Internet
Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies
Susan C. Herring's Publications
Social Networking Services Meta List
Some Datasets Available on the Web
Web Archive in Visual Anthropology
Webnographers: Resources for Virtual Ethnography

Second Life Research Blogs

Second Life

Social Network Sites Research

danah boyd's SNS bibliography
Friends:Social Networking Sites for Engaged Library Services

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