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Our Shrek Dogs

Well, I know I’m too late for the Wild Live Blogging, but I couldn’t come up with any ideas before and I’ve been busy. But last night we had some fun with our dogs :-)

At the AMBP Smashin’ Gathering we were given Shrek headbands (to be worn with caution though – thanks synical). So we thought it would be fun to see our dogs with them on. But it was more difficult than we thought…

First Lucky refused…

Then after some pleading and persuasion…

For Gambit bribing and persuasion was needed…

We know his weakness! :-)


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synical on :

Kesian anjing... tak pasal pasal kena pakai telinga Shrek tu.


julian on :

Tak kesian, saya membayar dengan durian!

sue me on :

ur dog eats durian?wow..see u in the party!!!woohoo!!

Julian on :

He goes wild over it :-)
Unfortunately, I was too late for the party... :-(

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