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Blog typologies

One thing I’ve found since I started my PhD is that mostly academics are very contactable and happy to share material. So far I have contacted a few out of the blue, because I had difficulty getting hold of a paper written by them, and they immediately sent me a copy. Which is very nice.

I knew of a paper that talked about 9/11 and blogs, and had a interesting model relating to types of blogs in it, but I couldn’t remember the name (except that it started with a K and it was long) or where I’d seen it mentioned (now I think of it, it must have been in Blood’s book, anyway…). So I did a bunch of Googling and eventually tracked down this
Krishnamurthy, Sandeep. "The multidimensionality of blog conversations: The virtual enactment of September 11." AOIR Internet Research 3.0: Net/Work/Theory. Maastricht, The Netherlands. October 13-16 2002.

I emailed Sandeep Krishnamurthy and he kindly sent me a copy. Here is the model in it:

It can help to decided on categories of types of blogs, for the moment I have: Personal, SoPo, Problog, Tech, Hobby, Food, Comic, Mother, Commercial and – of course – ‘Other’ :-)

The problem with categories is that they are always a bit inflexible… I like models with axes – it gives space to move around and understand things a bit more dynamically. There’s this one about social network sites which is interesting. It's in French though - the axes are Real-Imagined (top-bottom), and Being-Doing (left-right):


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joshuaongys on :

you always have interesting stuffs for me to read and wonder.. lolx

synical on :

This post had just reminded me that I've not read Rebecca Blood's book (been meaning to read it for the longest time), but at the same time am not willing to pay a bomb for a new one, either :-P

julian on :

joshuaongys - I do a lot of wondering too...

synical - well I could always lend it to you if you ever dropped by Monash or something...

synical on :

I'd take you up on that if I wasn't working 9 - 6 five days a week. Perhaps some blogger event in the future?

julian on :

OK we'll see lah.
In the meantime, you could check out her blog

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