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Worms & Vermicomposting

One thing I’ve definitely learnt so far is that a blog needs regular updating, and doing good posts takes time.

And I always want to do things in detail, so I put off doing posts because I’m missing some small factor.

Anyway, the full post is not complete, but here’s a film on how to prepare a vermicompost bin :-)

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Someone saw my film of setting up a vermicomposting bin, and sent me a link to - it’s a Google Map-type thing, with entries for vermicomposters all around the world. Our entry (one of three in Malaysia) is here. Wherever you are, ch


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Marlene Affeld on :

Thanks for the video - I used to compost with worms until I had so many it over ran my space. I gave all the worms away to good homes. I am now ready to start again and I appreciate the advice. Wishing you the best.

julian on :

You're welcome, but if you managed to be so successful before, I'm sure you could teach me a lot!

On the other hand, if you are a spammer, I hope you manage to find a more interesting job :-P

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