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When Google fails…

Sometimes the wonders of the internet hit me again. Reading an article on BBC about Google I noticed a picture of the Android with a Pacman game on it…

I suddenly had a desire to play PacMan: so, I typed ‘play pacman’ into Google, and the top hit was just what I needed on online, free, Pacman! :-)

As a kid, I remember cycling across town to put a few saved coins in a Space Invaders machine. PacMan came a bit later, so I had a bit more money, so we would spend hours in a local ‘milk bar’. Now, I just type in a few words, and I’m sorted… I couldn’t have dreamed of that when I was a kid.

But what about when Google fails us? Yesterday, I searched for something and this came up:

at first I thought it was the terms I used, so I tried different ones to no result. Then I tried a different computer, same result. Browser? Also the same. So I guessed it had to be the network.

I had to turn to something else, so I tried Yahoo! which was OK but the Google interface is nicer. It reminded me of pre-Google days when I used to use a meta-crawler, or try different search sites to see the different results; I had settled on Copernic which was the best thing before Google came along. Maybe it’s still better, to be honest, but I didn’t try it ever since someone suggested Google to me in 2000.


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synical on :

Tell me about it.

I couldn't access Blogger for the last couple of days at home.


julian on :

Just Blogger or internet in general? One fellow student had no streamyx for a week... ended up (for various reasons) with him preparing three posters instead of one!

synical on :

The internet in general - I couldn't load most of the sites I wanted.

Doesn't help that I really can't load anything Google.

Though I heard that it's Streamyx's problem.

julian on :

Annoying... I wonder why Google in particular is problematic? Maybe an evil Gatesian conspiracy? ;-)

synical on :

Wouldn't put that past anyone :-)

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