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Revealed! Rambunctious Reptilian Rampage of Baffling Blogging Bevy

Thanks to the Nuffnang and Digi, I got to attend the launch of a Digi promotion on Friday. They're having "fear-themed roadshows” in malls in April and May, where you can get to sample such delights as baby grasshoppers

or play Snakes 'n' Ladders

and win prizes. But the theme of their promotion is an "Easy Win" contest: to win free calls for a year, charge up RM30, wait for a call (if you're lucky) and answer three questions. If you charge RM50 then you get a chance to win RM100,000 cash - only one question for that one. Entry is automatic as soon as you charge up, and the calls will be made on Fridays from 9-12 noon, and 3-6pm. So if you use Digi Prepaid, make sure your phone is switched on Fridays!

There were other bloggers there of course, including Kim Yoong who went into the snake pit and got paparazzied afterwards.

I got to meet some more bloggers, and afterwards we went to Charms in The Curve - having met Robb for the first time, I'm sure he isn't going to forget me as I gave him a lift and I managed to forget where my car was not once, but twice! :-/

But, you've been waiting for the shocking revelation about the Blogging Bevy... after daring investigation and facing unparalleled obstacles, I can now bring to you the TRUTH about the secret world of B.L.O.G.S.

Thanks to the (unwitting) participation of Robb, Skyler, Kim Yoong, Joshua and Jan :-)

And 'Hi!' to Yee Ming, Amy, Nick, Kate, and Kenny.


anthroblogia on : Dragonball Evolution Premiere and my Thought Bubble :)

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Last night was the Nuffnang Dragonball Premiere screening - I was pleased to get a ticket as I had not been to one for a while, and wanted to catch up with some bloggers. And coincidentally my online survey – myBlogS 2009 – was just completed so I took t


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Serene on :

did you get to try the baby grasshoppers? they look good. :-D thanks for tagging my blog & taking the time to read the opinions of a barely 18 year old!! :-)

joshuaongys on :

am glad that i finally meet up with you!! so soon somemore.. haha and nice video that you have made.. thinking twice about it.. its a freaking phython and i have no idea why on earth we can act like we're playing with toys hahahaha but anyway.. NICE MEETING YOU!! God Bless =)

julian on :

Serene - No I chickened out I'm afraid... :-P
Hey age is no barrier to good opinions!

joshua - Thanks for watching the video, glad you liked it. I had fun making it. But most people who visit don't watch it :-(
29 hits to the post, and only 7 views... (including one of mine of course)

hweicheng on :

I see you're having great fun back at home mr julian! =D


julian on :

All in the interest of research of course ;-)

nik on :

oh my holy buggggggs x.x

julian on :

Watch it, no taking of the name of th bug in vain here :-P

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