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A cute devil

I suppose you’ve all heard of the Tasmanian Devil – not this one

who is cute in his own way I suppose, but the real one

is, you have to admit, is a lot cuter – awwww. And here’s a short film I took in Tasmania

The ‘Tassie Devil’ (Sarcophilus harrisii) is a small marsupial who lives only in Tasmania, which has a unique ecology due to it having split off from the mainland of Australia about 10,000 years ago. It got its name from the loud screams it makes at night, and – in spite of its cute looks – it has extremely powerful jaws. It is mainly a scavenger, and crunches through bones like nobody’s business!

Unfortunately, there is a deadly facial cancer that is spreading amongst them, and threatens to make them extinct :-( though recently there has been a positive development – Hope over Tasmanian Devil cancer. They've found some that seem to be immune to the cancer - it seems like the genetic factor is crucial here – they must have evolved from a relatively small gene pool, and 10,000 years isn’t that long in evolutionary terms…

Here’s some more information.

Coming soon – exclusive shots of the elusive duck-billed platypus!


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jam on :

I had watched a documentary program on Tasmania over the weekend. And yes, the Tasmanian Devils are cute animals but they could be dangerous at times.

julian on :

Like all wild animals I guess, but apparently they generally try to stay away from humans, and are quite shy.

nik on :

that's devil-ish-ly cute ;D

Jan on :

oh~ it looks cute!~
i want is for a soft plushie toy ^____^

Keong on :

cute little animal...

julian on :

nik, Jan & Keong - Thanks for dropping by :-) What can I say... I agree!

jan on :

i think i hit around 50 visitors
then i got my first ads
ganbatte neh`

julian on :

Thanks, hopefully I might get something soon... I get about half of my (pretty low) traffic from outside Malaysia though...

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