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Bloggers censoring the government??

Well it’s the world upside down really :/ I’m sure some of you noticed this article in the Sunday Star, or heard about it.

The Higher Education Minister complaining that they had sent in replies to “inaccurate statements and false allegations” on blogs, but they were “removed by the bloggers.”

I wonder what happened. The ‘removed by bloggers’ bit suggests that comments were left – rather than a direct email to the blogger, which may be more effective in trying to ask for some ‘air time’, so to speak.

Were the comments left by the ‘government’ in the official capacity, or by people asked to leave comments that appear to be from a normal reader? I do think that it would be more effective to do it transparently and formally.

It may be that BN did not want to be seen to be legitimising blogs, which would be one result of leaving official comments on blogs. So it seems like they were caught in a bit of a bind: on the one hand blogs were being dismissed as the puerile bleatings of disaffected and unemployable miscreants – so they could not be engaged with directly; whereas on the other hand an ‘undercover’ operation (i.e. the infamous ‘cybertroopers’) was functioning to put over their point of view on the blogs – but they were perhaps being ignored as mercenary propagandists.

Now the government wants to engage, and even Khir Toyo has jumped on the bandwagon! I think that their challenge now is to understand what makes bloggers tick – it’s more than just opening a blog…

It’s at moments like this that I really regret not knowing more BM :-( But I guess cherwith, who is also researching blogs, will be looking at his blog with great interest :-)


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