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l33t sp34k

Leet is a coded form of writing developed in the 80’s and used (initially at least) by hackers and the ‘elite’ of the networked world.

1t (4n g3t pr3tt¥ (0mp£1(4t3Ð, but for the uninitiated (like me), you can you go here

It’s a leet translator that does leet at various degrees of ‘leetness’

1t’s 4 l33t tr4nsl4t0r th4t d03s l33t 4t v4r10us d3gr33s 0f ‘l33tn3ss’

1t’$ 4 £33t tr4n$£4t0r th4t Ð03$ £33t 4t v4r10µ$ Ð3gr33$ 0f ‘£33tn3$$’

17’$ 4 £337 7r4n$£470r 7h47 Ð03$ £337 47 v4r10µ$ Ð39r33$ 0ƒ ‘£337n3$$’

17’$ 4 £337 7r4||$£470r 7|-|47 Ð03$ £337 47 \/4r10µ$ Ð39r33$ 0ƒ ‘£337||3$$’

17’$ 4 £337 7®4||$£470® 7|-|47 Ð03$ £337 47 \/4®10µ$ Ð39®33$ 0ƒ ‘£337||3$$’

Found out about it thanks to 3POINT8.

There’s also another one here, which translates both ways.


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3POINT8 on :

The leet translator you found is even better! I was looking for this for a long time. Ehehehe, I'll be using this to annoy my friends in dota...*Evil grin*

pamsong on :

Hey Julian!

Was at 3POINT8's page and saw your comment. This is freaking cool, wei. I'm gonna be having a blast messing with Leet. Thanks!

joshuaongys on :

COOL stuffs!! read bout it @ 3point8 den here wuahahahaha... like what 3point8 said, annoy frens in dota hahaha

Ian on :

Oh shit, L33tn355 has made a comeback.

Bloody geek jargon. Wait, aren't we all?

julian on :

3POINT8 - I'm sure they'll love you for it ;-)

pamsong - no worries, I'm glad to have found the translator, can pretend to understand everything now :-)

joshuaongys - hey what is the story of your name anyway? Is is Joshua Ong Y S ??

Ian - ya man, registers and semiotics, it's all about the obscurity ;-)

joshuaongys on :

hahahaha, its just my name la!! my full name is joshua ong yan soon... joshua ong is too commmon and i knew guys with the name joshua ong as well.. so i figured it out that i should add the ys.. lolx

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