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L - Change the world

First I'd like to thank Nuffnang and GSC Midvalley for the free screening. And the free poster, popcorn and coke - though I do wish they would have salted popcorn... One interesting thing is that they give you a CD with information on the film, trailers and stills and it includes some on-set photos like this one, which shows a bit how complicated it can be to shoot a film:

I have never heard of 'Death Note' before, but I now know it's a manga based on a supernatural notebook which ensures that anyone whose name is written in it will die in 23 days. This film is the third based on the manga. The manga feel to the film was quite clear, with the obligatory Japanese schoolgirl Maki (Mayuko Fukuda) - seen here with her father (Shingo Tsurumi) who meets a pretty gruesomely spectacular end later on:

Since I knew nothing about the manga and previous films, there was a lot of background knowledge of the characters that I didn't have. If I had, I might have appreciated the main character 'L' (Kenichi Matsuyama), apparently "a genius detective", more. As it was, I saw a distinctly odd Goth-type chap who only perches on chairs, eats sweets all the time (it's "brain food" he later explains), types with two fingers - when he doesn't have one of them in his mouth - and walks with a stoop:

The plot is fairly standard, with a couple of twists. Environmental terrorists want to reduce the human population to protect the Earth's ecosystem, so they plan to release a deadly virus that has been tested on a village in Thailand - from where one boy was able to escape. L, who has written his own name in the Notebook of Death, has only 23 days to work out what to do and foil their plans. It was not very gripping, and I found the pace a bit slow.

For gadget geeks, there was an interesting scene in the public transport where people are viewing television on their mobile phones - they see Maki's picture being broadcast which leads to some panicking . Overall, there is post-9/11 and/or post-Aum Shinrikyo feel to all the biological warfare scenes.

The bad guy team are quite good, one of whom (Sato Megumi) is quite hot ;-)

It will hit the cinemas on the 3rd April. Overall, I'd say that if you're into Death Note, this may be worth watching. But otherwise it didn't really do it for me... Here's the IMDB entry for some other opinions.

Update 28/03/08 Here is a review by another Nuffnanger. He knows more about the manga and the story's context.


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Simon Seow on :

Yeah. I also dig salted popcorn more, the sweet one just doesn't goes well with soda. They used to have it in TGV a few years ago, you can even ask for extra butter. Don't know why they stopped selling those. Maybe in Malaysia not many ppl dig them.

julian on :

Another fan :-) Actually, there is one place - Cine Leisure at The Curve. They have salted popcorn, but it's only sold downstairs. So I normally go there whenever I go to the cinema.
Actually I met the lady responsible for getting salt popcorn there (woohoo for Sharon! :-)) - she said the worries were that there is not the demand, and also that it doesn't keep as long, apparently.

joshuaongys on :

i heard that you're there too haha.. robb mentioned your name that you're one of the invited blogger... anyway i hope to get another invitation to such screenings. =) and yea, nice blog... you designed the template urself?? its neat!

julian on :

Thanks but it's just a standard template, the platform is Serendipity, open source. Me too I hope there'll be some more :-)
Thanks for dropping by!

Destiny on :

Hello.. Actually its not whoever name written in the book will DIE in 23 days.. =)

They will die from [the cause] written in the book beside their names..

L on :

its not days but seconds if you doesn't write the time that the person should DIE :-)

julian on :

OK - thanks for the corrections. Just shows how it would have been better if I knew the story before...

Alexandra - Photo Gallery on :

Hi L! I have your blog on my favorites and have recommended it to others. Your marketing persona comes through, but it wouldn't seem authentic and "you" if that wasn't true. Keep on keeping on.

Callum - Flash Game on :

This is the first time for me to visit a foreigner's blog. Just happen to come to here just because of your blog's name. Good job on the Blog. It's an executive insight not available through normal media channels. I will try to learn more from your website. P.S. Seems I have to add something in English in my blog.

KH on :

Salty popcorn does rock.. :I
But quick question, I have not seen the movie yet but I have read the book- 'L Change the world' over 3 times, with that picture of Maki, who is that becide her? Is that Kimihiko Nikaido? Or Daisuke Matoba? MUST KNOW!!!!

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