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Why I don't like Vista

• I can't use Google Desktop Search
• The Explorer keeps on losing my 'View' settings (i.e. I like to have folders in 'List' view, and it frequently switches to other views)
• Although I have indexed My Documents numerous times, it still tells me the search will go faster if I 'add to index'

• I have had more blue screens than a buggy Windows 95 beta version
• The 'Problem Reports and Solutions' tells me to install 'Update for Windows Vista (KB943899)' (the second one below)

So I download and tell it to install, and then Vista tells me

• In order to "Download and install the driver for Intel PRO/Wireless LAN adapter software”, I have to 'Go to Windows Update' - and in order to have the privilege of accessing their site, I have to be using their useless, slow and insecure Internet Explorer. OK, I download and run installation of some optional drivers.

I start a game of Spider Solitaire while I'm waiting, then once the drivers install the display goes all screwy and game crashes. I reboot twice and have to fiddle around for five minutes resetting my display. I'm really not surprised with the crash, and I already saved this post and other stuff, in case.
• Note the problem with the Flash Player, and the other ones with Skype, Opera, Google, etc. The standard response for these is

which isn't really very useful as Flash, etc. will tell me anyway when they have an update
• Finally, I notice it telling me to "Upgrade to the latest retail version of Windows Vista"... What's this? I wonder, an attempt to get me to fork out more money? Then...

"Beta version"???
Does this look like Beta Version to you?

Can't you even evaluate your own product properly?! >:{

Argh... well my rant is over, I'm stuck with this bloody system anyway. And yes I know there's a Service Pack coming up, but after Microsoft warns on Vista update Iâ'm not too optimistic it will solve my problems...

I hereby resolve to try to wean myself of as many Microsoft programs as possible, for example: OpenOffice or Thunderbird.

But I'm worried that they may not be compatible with Vista... NOOooOOooooo...

**Update 07/04/08: if you don't believe me, why not listen to the guy who wrote the book on Vista (literally, he wrote 'Windows Vista for Dummies').


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Afif on :

That's why my friend, I use Linux! ;-)

kew on :

Switch!... to a Mac..

Ian on :

Windows Vista is teh g4yn355.

Theres always alternatives - Ubuntu.

or the faithful good old' Windows XP SP3.

I'm still running on Windows XP SP1 though.

julian on :

Afif - I looked into it, but the thought of having to go through the whole installation, making sure all drivers in my laptop are available, etc. puts me off

kew - maybe next time...

Ian - yep Vista sucks big time :-( I will slowly try to wean myself off ... Next step, Thunderbird

samuel on :

err.. I haven't try before vista..

but it seems like from your post vista got a lot more problem den XP...

Afif on :

Dear Julian,

Linux now is so advanced, chances are you need not to worry about drivers at all. They'll look for the right drivers for you. Come, give Linux a try. Ubuntu is great for starters. Cheers!

Andy Rambling on :


You can download ubuntu CD image, then burn it to a CD. You can then test the linux without having to install it.

julian on :

samuel - Do yourself a favour and don't bother trying. Vista offers nothing particular that you can't get with XP (apart from resource hungry graphics)

Afif & Andy Rambling - Thanks for the suggestions, I promise I will try, eventually ... I'm not someone who enjoys having to fiddle with his computer, I just want it to work with no interruptions to my work...

RK Boo on :

Just wanted to say hi. Haha. Btw, MPH selected my short story to be published in their KL Stories anthology!!! "D

Sasha on :

Ewww... Vista really sucks eh.. I thought my friends were just complaining for the sake of complaining when they told me..

By the way, thanks for the comment =]

Dangerous Variable on :

Woooo... thanks for the info. I was switching my computer to Vista because new computers do not support XP. That sucks right?

My new compaq isn't supporting XP - the software and hardware hangs like shit...

The computer will reboot itself.

julian on :

Boo - Congratulations!! :-D Well done! Never give up! :-)

Sasha - Some people complain a lot about the security feature that keeps asking whether you want this or that program to work, but I don’t mind that too much. But yes, it does suck in general… I read somewhere that Microsoft is thinking of bringing out an updated version of XP next (dunno when), but for me I’m getting really sick of Microsoft’s money grabbing c**p

Dangerous Variable - Hmm that sucks… they really don’t believe much in consumer choice do they?... Sure you can’t get the proper drivers from the manufacturers? i.e. it may just be the graphics card, or wireless chip, or whatever… I was thinking of getting XP, though someone pointed out I may have problems with drivers too, etc. But I thought to myself that with an up to date powerful machine, XP should work faster.

Vista one big painful Experience for windows Users on :

First thing after Installing vista will make anyone struggle for there device drivers in case of an OS upgrade on existing hardware,

second thing one has pool in extra cash for upgrading memory, graphics card etc etc to get boost in performance, without it one will go dead with sick OS from Microsoft. Third thing if one is running OpenGL applications then either application will cry :-( or out of the box dead. Vista is real bad with OpenGL applications, same applies most non OpenGL applications which might be running smoother with earlier OS 2000-PRO or XP-PRO but refuse work at all on VISTA. last most important thing is for gamers, all the guys from gaming world will be really unhappy with their respective games performing when running them on VISTA compared to XP, I would suggest XP users not to upgrade to VISTA – because XP is best workstation OS ever created by MS from all perspective --stability, reliability with total dependability and well supported by all software vendors.
As Microsoft claims that its development team has been working around 5 long years on changing complete functional core architecture in VISTA when compared to earlier XP or 2K platform but finally what actually people got is an OS with no future, just another sick Microsoft strategy to mint money from innocent people, who doesn’t really know, care or aware what actually goes into their computers and importantly is it worth the cost.

julian on :

Well, I have to agree that I can see no good reason at all to upgrade to Vista from XP. I only got Vista because it came with the new laptop I had to get.
I must say that I have stopped having as many problems as I used to, having installed the SP1 after waiting for whatever problems to be ironed out - but overall, I still don't feel I have anything I didn't use to have with XP.

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