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Not for breakfast…

…and you may want to skip this post if you’re squeamish, or are about to eat…

I’ve brought you my Weaver Ants before. I think they are responsible for keeping my kumquat tree free of caterpillars, and the other day I saw more evidence of their carnivorous tastes.

Our smelly dustbin had maggots in it, and when I went out to pick up the newspaper I noticed the ants had done a raid and were carting off squirming maggots. As usual, I found the ability of ants to coordinate and cooperate fascinating, so I decided to take a few photos

here's a close up…

and here’s a film – enjoy ;-)


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amy on :

hi! was nice talking to u :-)
hope to see u in more events!

usws on :

I don't know which disgust me more, the ants or maggots. I think I'd say the maggots, at least the ants aren't slimy.. Eeek!

Either way, i wouldn't any bugs near my home. Ants, with their ability to coordinate and cooperate, annoy me very effectively. Haha! Thank goodness the ones in my house aren't those big weaver ones.


p.s. I wonder if i saw you at the party.

julian on :

amy - Yep likewise, thanks for dropping by :-)

usws - Luckily the ants don't organise themselves into my house, at least not the weavers. They do a good job keeping bugs off my tree though.
Dunno - I was the orang putih with a goatee...

shepherdofsuns on :

you're so weird man.. cool choice for the sound track though

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