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The search for the lost mountain

Here are a couple of shots of Turkey from the air (unfortunately, I haven’t just been on holiday there – these were taken last year while flying to London).
While we were flying over Turkey I spotted a mountain and thought that I might be Mt. Ararat – the highest mountain in Turkey, and thought by some to be the place where Noah’s Ark landed.
It looked very majestic, rising out of low lands into a snow covered cone, an old volcano now wrinkled with age…

also interesting, is the way in which there is a lot more snow on one side than the other, I suspect this is because the lake on the other side somehow makes it warmer

From further away, you can see that it dominates the area…

Anyway, to find out what it really is, I tried Google Earth – Mt. Ararat looks like this:

there's no lake behind it as in my picture, but looking around I think I managed to work out which one it is – it’s to the west:

the lake seems to be the same shape.

With much surfing I found more details: the lake’s called ‘Balik Golu’ (Lake Balik), ‘Balik’ means fish apparently: and here are people fishing in the lake, with what looks like our mountain in the background

…much surfing later… I can’t find the name of the blinking mountain, the best I have is this map, so at least I know it is 2797m high (which, incidentally, is the same height as Mt. Ruapehu, in New Zealand. Ah the wonders of googling eh? Useless information overload :-))


Ha! Got it finally! The blardy mountain is called Balikgol Dagi!! i.e. Lake Balik Mountain.

Conclusion: there is a mountain in Turkey called Lake Balik Mountain, it is 2797m high, and beside a lake called Lake Balik. It looks nice seen from the sky, and I took a photo of it in December 2006.
Also: Why do we care? Because sometimes knowledge is worth it for its own sake; and it's a great way to avoid doing other things ;-)


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RK Boo on :

Lol. That's the best excuse for procrastination I've heard. Btw, I love your 'Forgiveness' poem. A spear of hope it is indeed...

julian on :

Well, procrastination is one of my specialities...
Glad you like the poem :-)

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