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Free software

I learnt about this very useful site the other day – it’s called Giveaway of the Day and the principle is very simple: every day one program is made available for free.

You have to download AND install it the same day (which I didn’t know at first and so missed a useful looking program). The programs are all bona fide software without any adware or spyware or anything.

Seems too good to be true almost… but so far it all seems totally legit. The programs are usually the relatively basic, stripped down versions, and they do not offer any free updates or support.

Once you download and install it, you run a little activation key program that gives you the serial number.

Today I downloaded the one in the picture above – could come in use for my research: how many times have you wished you were able to record things on YouTube, for example?

You can subscribe to their email service, so you get told every day what program they have. I’ve downloaded three so far, though I waited too long before installing the first one. The second was “Citra FX” – with which you can retouch photos and do various fancy effects. It usually costs USD29, though I guess if you have Photoshop or something there’s not much point.

Here’s an example, with a photo of one of our dogs, Gambit.

There is also Game Giveaway of the Day which I’m avoiding because I procrastinate too much already ;-)


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