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Exporting an Excel 2007 chart as an image in Windows 7


You may also have come across this problem: you've made a nice chart in Excel, and now you want to use it elsewhere.

So you right click and look for 'Save as Image'. It's not there!

If you want to use it in Word, or PowerPoint, your only choice is to copy and paste which is OK - but it has its problems. If you've inserted a text box, it doesn't resize with the chart. And you can't do things that you can do with an image, such as resizing it using the Size function, rotate it, etc.

And what if you want to upload it to your website??

The only other native option then is to do a print screen and fiddle around in Paint, or use the Snipping Tool (Vista or Windows 7) which is similar, but easier.

However, there is another solution: an Export Chart add-on to Excel written by Jon Peltier - what this does is add an extra function to Excel that exports your charts as .png images (though you can change that if you write a different extension, such as .jpg).

The link is down at the bottom of the post, and he also links to a page to explain how to install it.

Very useful and recommended.


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