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Happy New Tiger Year baby :)

Just a quick one to wish everyone a bountiful, joyful and prosperous New Year of the Tiger, and to share the latest pics of Charlie :-)

It's weird how you can see so much of your baby before he (in this case) even comes out of the womb. This one is at five months, his face was turned towards us and I felt my heart go 'thump!' as I saw a real human face staring at me (as it seemed)
foetus scan five 5 months

Then at six months, the doctor could even show us a 3D picture, and here is one (2D) of him in profile - looking weirdly like me (though I suppose I would say that anyway :-P)
foetus scan five 5 months

Anyway, here's to everyone out there, and to Charlie - may this year bring all the possible good things to you!

Oh, and a shout out to my other baby, WW, who's doing a great job in spite of increased rounded edges and sore ankles xxx


anthroblogia on : Charlie is here!

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At last we have our baby, from inside the womb to outside in the real world with us He was born last Friday, 23 April, at 7.34am, and here is a quick account of it all. It's the first time I've been able to properly sit at the computer since he came,


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Briefgold on :

I had no idea that the technology was so advanced! It´s a really weird thought, being able to see an unborn baby with a machine - in 3D! Amazing. Hope it all goes well with Charlie in the year of the tiger!!

julian on :

Thanks :-) Ya, the older generation keep telling us how in their days it was all guesswork until the child came out

Anonymous on :

Happy and stress free.
thank u. :-P

julian on :

Hopefully yes - thanks for the good wishes :-)

Jess on :

charlie's beautiful! :-) betcha can't wait to welcome him

julian on :

Ya really excited. Scary at times too - worry that he may have some unhealthy thing or other :-(

rickkgoh on :

Don't worry, everything will turn up fine. By the way, Congratulations!!!

julian on :

Thanks :-D I'm looking forward to seeing him!

rick on :

Wish you all the best, take good care of both of you

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