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A historical chronology of English language blogs in Malaysia

OK, the title pretty much says it all :-)

To get an overall view of the history of blogs in Malaysia, and my fieldwork, I've made a table.

Of course, this only represents what I know of, and the events and so that I was able to attend during my fieldwork. There are many many thousands of blogs out there, and I can never hope to cover all of what blogs have been to all bloggers over the years.

So - I'd really appreciate any feeback! Anything I've missed out, got wrong... please tell me!

It's too long to post as a table (or rather, I don't know how to convert the Word table into html), so I've uploaded it as a pdf.

Just to give you an idea of what it looks like, here's a screenshot - click on the picture to get the full version!
history of malaysian blogs


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polytikus on :

you totally left out all the trouble RPK got into over his blog posts (sedition, crim defamation). and other defamation suits against bloggers besides rocky and jeff's. and how all-blogs don't really exist anymore. and the mushrooming of BN blogs everywhere!good luck!

julian on :

Thanks for the reminders

RPK: I did mention him, but not that he was arrested and all
Defamation suits: which other ones apart from Sheih Kickdafella do you mean?
All-Blogs: it's difficult to include that in a chronology, as it still exists in theory. Though I did mention the 'split in the blogosphere' (December 2008)
BN blogs: unfortunately, the BM ones are inaccessible to me... But you're right - any ones in particular you think are worthwhile mentioning?

Thanks again for the reminder. Since I posted this up I realised that it is really mostly a chronology of my field work rather than blogs as a whole. Although I did track the 'blogosphere' pretty well throughout, my focus shifted from SoPo to Lifestyle/Nuffnang blogs - mostly for practical reasons, i.e. there are too many blogs to track them all!

I will try to make it progressively more complete.

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