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My 2009

One useful thing about blogs is that they also serve as a kind of 'digital memory' - like a diary, memories and thoughts are stored for a future time when you can go back and be reminded of what you've been through. How some things you thought were so important at the time have turned out to be insignificant, and others have developed into so much more.

Anyway - here's my retrospective of 2009

Nine posts. As for most of the year, I was reflecting and thinking about blogs - the topic of my PhD. I was ruminating about the importance of comments in The Commentosphere, and Bloggers, transparency, truth and personhood.

Also, as Chinese New Year and the Dancing God of Prosperity! beckoned, I made one of my many failed resolutions 'blog every day' in Decisions, decisions: ethnographic focus.

Sixteen posts for this month, which is probably a record. More thoughts on comments with The 10 types of commenters, musings on How SoPo blogs helped the advertisement industry; a fieldwork experience at Profit Blogging Bootcamp - Meeting for money?; and a cryptic references to events in Perak in Silver transformations.

Apart from helping me to get a cinema premiere ticket in I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution, our dog Gambit appeared in The Star in Canine Car Seat Belt :-) (yes it was just a pose, no we didn't actually strap him in like that).
malaysian dog wearing seatbelt

Eleven posts in March; I tried initiating a map of Recycling Centres in Petaling Jaya, and did a little Tourist in KL post after a friend visited.

But the most important thing for me this month was on March 9 - myBlogS 2009 - Malaysian Blog Survey now open!. I relentlessly promoted and harassed anyone I could about it for a month, including at the Dragonball Evolution Premiere and my Thought Bubble :-)
huai bin sixthseal julian hopkins dragonball premiere

and the eLawyer Conference - Be informed!.

And amongst a few food posts, I admitted to My food fetish - Cili goreng!

Nine posts for this month, which saw quite a few events - I won a PS3 for dressing up as Bob Marley at the Nuffnang Music Bash - Super prize!. Due to that, and the myBlogS survey (myBlogS 2009 - 538 already and only two more days left!), I got some attention from The New Straits Times, who did a full page spread on me, boosting my readership (temporarily) by thousands, thanks to mentions by other bloggers, leading me to remark that Bloggers are not journalists, and blogs are not newspapers

Eight posts this month (note the decline :-|). Thanks to AMBP, I met some Star Trek Camwhores
trekkies in Malaysia

After compiling and cleaning up: myBlogS 2009 - First Malaysian blog survey results released. I also attended the BUM 2008 meeting, whose star guest was the never-quiet ex-PM, and I blogged about Dr Mahathir on blogs and the media in Malaysia.

Ahem, four posts... but my excuse is that I was having a wonderful trip in France that finished with A room with a view - in Provence
Un Patio en Luberon guest house

We went via London for my mother's wedding party, and taking in some Beers!! Delicious! Enticing! Belgian!, and visit to Saint Veran - the highest commune in Europe.

I also did some first analysis of the myBlogS 2009 results - The 'ideal type' blog?.

July (eight posts), saw some more travelling when I went to Brisbane for the inspiring Oxford Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Progamme - the Air Asia eXperience was less inspiring, though acceptably cheap.

A PR firm, Text 100, released an interesting survey - Blogging and business cultures - comparative survey on blogs. And I continued fieldwork by participating in Nuffnang events and competitions, such as District 9 - sci-fi film coming soon.

Six posts. I had some thoughts about social networks, comments and social network analysis in Social networks and commenting, learnt something about the use of Twitter for demonstrations in the Anti-ISA demonstration in Business as usual...
Twitter anti ISA malaysia demonstration

And attended my only Advertlets Malaysian Bloggers Evening.

Five posts for this month that started with my fortieth birthday - which I didn't blog about for some reason. I think it was because I forgot to take photos that night (being somewhat intoxicated), and I guess other things, such as the Twestivalkl - first tweetup!, attending the launch of Alpha Project bloggers, and musing about The virtue of practice.

Of course, during this time I was also doing my tutoring duties at Monash University Sunway campus, and planning for the Monash University Postgraduate Association (MUPA) events, in my capacity as President of MUPA. These were things that took up time throughout the year; but I always enjoy having contact with students, and the MUPA experience - though frustrating at times, was very educative.

Seven posts for October - for which the big blogging event was the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards, held in Singapore and for which I won an invite for me and WW and blogged about it in Nuffnang Awards - Whistle stop tour. I chose this as the cut-off point for my fieldwork, and am now writing up my thesis.
nuffnang awards kenny sia joanne peh

Following the American FTC decision on disclosure for bloggers, I used my survey to answer the question Do Malaysian bloggers think that blog advertorials need to be disclosed?. I also tried to win a Blackberry (Xpax, Blackberry, Party, Future), and used NodeXL to track a paid Twitter campaign in Visualising a monetised Twitter network
social network analysis monetised twitter network

Five posts. After three months, I could finally blog about the secret I'd been holding back since September - WW is Expecting!, and we're due to have a baby boy next April/May :-D
ultrasound scan three months foetus

On another note, I blogged about a Chez Vincent - Brussels restaurant, and tried to philosophise about potato chips in No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009

Five posts again, I continued with my 'autobiographical' series with a post about Auschwitz - The Death Camps, and uncovered some evidence of Appalling standards in Malaysian newspapers.

Throughout the year I was also interviewing bloggers, writing notes, and planning for the thesis. But the best news of all was the pregnancy. For 2010, the goals are to finish my PhD (and therefore, not procrastinate by blogging too much!), and learn how to be a good father.


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Beth Charette on :

It is said that if we wish to make our creator laugh, make plans.

Whether one ascribes to a creator or no, the principle is the same as that being made here.

From day to day, we all watch as the phenomena of our lives pass before us in a seemingly never ending stream.

I get the feeling sometimes that life is like those old science fiction films where all the information of man is being poured into our skulls through electrodes we choose to call experience.

I can certainly verify that my world as I interpreted it in January of 2009 was nothing like the world I inhabited at the end of the year.

And, I suppose the same will be the case in 2010.

Here's hoping that at the finish line of this year, we all find that the consequences of our choices produce contentment and prosperity.

Jebat Haziq on :

waw, nice chicks liowww :-) great articles :-)

julian on :

Beth Charette - Hi and happy new year :-) Time always throws up surprises, and plans always have to adapted. All the best for your 2010 :-)

Jebat Haziq - Thanks for dropping by :-)

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