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Mr. Potato rocks with Hujan!

After blogging about philosophy and potato chips for Nuffnang, I got invited to the 'Mr. Potato Fiesta' last week.

It was at the Mist Club in Bangsar
mist club bangsar

As usual with the Nuffnang events, there were prizes galore given out, food and drinks were provided - the beer was upstairs on the balcony for some reason and at first we missed it. The door gift was a big bag full of potato chips, a 'Mexican' hat (actually, it was one of those gardener's hats you see workers by the road using, painted in red - but it did the trick :-)), and a fake moustache. The bag is a good sturdy reusable bag, and I'm using it to go to the market now.
mr potato fiesta nuffnang mist club

Mr Potato rocked with Hujan, while others took photos. Hujan were good - rock/punk mosh pit stuff.
mr potato fiesta nuffnang mist club hujan

There were prizes for best dressed, and for the best blog post - top prize RM5,000! Nice! Second was 3K, and third 2K.
mr potato fiesta nuffnang mist club

The top blogger was Kecik, second place was The Egg Yolks, and the third created a new blog for the entry - Mr. Fussy, which was pretty smart I think.

There were multiple hampers and giveaways, and as for me - I won something in a Lucky Draw!
gsc signature vouchers

Two GSC Signature voucher :-D Actually, they're going to be an Xmas gift to my in-laws ('cos I'm massively skint at the moment), so I'll have to find out from them what it's like to luxuriate in wonderful seats, get service while watching the film, etc.

Thanks again Nuffnang, who have provided me with many enjoyable evenings and multiple freebies.


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Charleston on :

Lol, I think I am behind a rock. Didn't know there was a Mr. Potato Fiesta event at all until I bumb to your blog Julian. I'll be more frequent to your blog now as I miss KL alot.

Fr Charleston 8-)

julian on :

Or check out the Nuffnang blog on their site, lots of stuff there :-)

Charleston on :


Really need to ask you this question. I've come accross multiple malaysian's site with "I serve Nuffnang Ads" logo. But all I see is adsense.

Am I missing something? As I don't see any Nuffnang ads. Is it good to have "I serve Nuffnang Ads" in blogs?

I don't have now, is it advisable to own it?. Hope to know it better. Maybe you can help/


julian on :

When all you see is "I serve Nuffnang Ads", it means that the blogger is providing the space for Nuffnang ads, but at that point in time none are being served on the blog.

Basically, if you have a blog like mine, with not many hits, you won't get ads all the time. Try going to someone like, and there will nearly always be some Nuffnang ads being served there (you'll see 'ads by Nuffnang' in small underneath the banner).

Having Nuffnang ads has not brought me much money, but it has given me the opportunity to go to many events, free cinema screenings, meet other bloggers, etc. So it has been very worthwhile for me.
They are respectable and reputable. Check out their FAQ and you can decide for yourself :-)

Charleston on :

Thanks for the answer!

I went to sixthseal, yeah..Nuffnang is there. I think it should be very worthwhile to sign up Nuffnang if in KL. I am presently in KK. It has been 5 years here.

And man, I miss KL very much!!

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