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Olympus XD card in unsustainable packaging

Well, the recent "Hopenhagen" summit turned out to be a dismal failure and an prime example of short-term political and business interests winning it out over good sense.

One of the main problems we face as a human species, is the unsustainable consumerism that pervades the 'development' and 'free market' (as long as it isn't the big banks) discourses that dominate the blinkered minds of the ruling elites.

And here is a little example of how wasteful some practices are:
olympus XD card unsustainable packaging

note the size, think of the plastic needed, the space for transporting thousands of these, etc. It is large so that the consumer feels they're getting something for their money, which is...
olympus XD card unsustainable packaging

A tiny Olympus 2gig XD card!



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BernieR on :

Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

julian on :

I'm sure you will :-)

Jebat Haziq on :

OMG, didt you return back this item? make a complain lar.. emm what the shop anyway?

julian on :

No lah, that's all that was meant to be in the package. It's just very wasteful. The shop was in the mall that's in from of Petaling Street, I forget the name.

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