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I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

WW is drooling at the idea of watching wondering whether Robert Downey Jr. will pull off the English accent as Sherlock Holmes in the new movie out soon.

And, as usual, Nuffnang is offering the chance for some lucky bloggers to see the premiere, for free, before all the other plebs non-bloggers out there :-P

Go to the Nuffnang blog to find out more!

And here is the hidden picture, from "Keep Yakking Digital Commerce" (clue? can you work it out? ;-))

Elementary dear Holmes!


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Su-Lyn on :

I love Jude Law more. ;-)

julian on :

yantz yanttie - thanks for dropping by!

Su-Lyn - can't say I have much of a preference either way :-p

eugene on :

I thought, it was 'Elementary, my dear Watson'... :-)

julian on :

Ah yes, at last someone spotted the **cough** intentional mistake! Eugene, you get the prize for perspicacious observational skills :-P

synical on :

I'm not totally comfortable with the concept of RDJ playing Holmes, then again it's not the first time an American's played a British literary character on screen (*coughBridgetJonescough*).

I'm ready to hate on it just in case it does suck.

julian on :

I reckon he should do all right, he's normally pretty good...

Jimmy on :

Who play Watson?

julian on :

Jude Law - more info here -

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