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Say hello to Charles :)

[OK touching wood and not jinxing anything OK?!?!?]

Well - the Charlene/Charlotte/Charlize issue is sorted, anyway. We hadn't intended to check the sex of our baby, and leave it as a surprise, but at the last check up we were looking at the scan and suddenly WW said - "Is that a willy?", and the doctor confirmed it was.

So - here is Charles (to be known as Charlie, probably):
ultrasound baby pregnancy 16 sixteen weeks

It's not a great picture (at first I thought the picture was a total disaster, but WW told me to turn it upside down :-p), but you can see the backbone clearly, and his arms and legs are all there - and everything is fine so far apparently. The doctor said he was 'clapping his hands' :-)

This is what he might look like in more detail

They're doing the 'Triple blood test' from WW's blood to see if there is any likelihood of Down's Syndrome, neural tube defects (for the baby - indicating possibility of spina bifida, or anencencephaly - taking folic acids helps to avoid these defects), and anemia (for WW). They said they will only call us if there are positive results (i.e. if something may be wrong). So hopefully, NO calls from the doctor next week!


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Nick on :

"Boy-o-boy, it's a BOY"

When u get closer to the date, they'll do that 3D/4D scan that's quite awesome BUT not like that National Geographic like pixs u put up ... ; )

Looking forward to your updates!

julian on :

Cool I'll look forward to that! It makes it so much more real to see him :-)

Sophiezamir on :

Nowadays, Technology have well developed. Currently, there are 3D & 4D scanning service have introduced. This 3D scanning method has cutting edge imaging techniques, which allow us to see the unborn baby in extraordinary manner. 4D scanning method is helps to see the moving image of the baby in real time.

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