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I've been wanting to announce this for a while, but we were waiting for the first three months - we're expecting!! :-D
pregnancy ultrasound five 5 weeks

It was the best birthday present I ever had - on the 1st September, the pregnancy test confirmed what we've been hoping for for almost two years

Above is the first scan, at about five weeks. When the doctor said 'It's in the uterus', I felt a massive rush of relief, and realised how worried I'd been that we'd have a repeat of what happened two years ago. WW was pregnant, but it turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy - i.e. the fertilised egg got stuck in the fallopian tube and started to develop there; surgery was needed and the fallopian tube was removed... :-( Fortunately, WW was fine, but it meant that getting pregnant again was more difficult...

I guess we got our first lesson in parenting - plans are wise, but don't expect them to always work as intended... :-|

A couple of weeks later, all was developing smoothly
pregnancy ultrasound seven 7 weeks

but we've both found out that we do worry about whether all will go well... It struck me that a lot of time being a parent must involve being worried about the kid. Just have to hope for the best, and prepare for the worst, or something like that I suppose.

At about twelve weeks, we heard the heartbeat for the first time! And saw it too - although the heart was just a blinking pixel, it was pretty amazing and really brought home the fact that WW is carrying a living person-to-be in there :-)
pregnancy ultrasound twelve 12 weeks

In the above one, baby was looking a bit like an alien and waving arms and legs. About a week later s/he seems to be taking a nap or something...
pregnancy ultrasound thirteen 13 weeks

Though I guess that also has something to do with the skill of the doctor at positioning the ultrasound, because originally when she started the scan baby was upside down, lol.

She checked three things: the backbone (all there), the nose bone (check), and whether there was swelling around the neck (nope). So all is OK so far (touching wood).

So there you go - sometime about the beginning of May 2010, I'll have some photos of a chubby little Charles or Charlene (named after my grandfather) to share :-) (or does anyone have any other female versions of 'Charles' to suggest??) In the meantime, I'll just have more scans, and find one of those widgets to put in the sidebar, in true proud blogger parent-to-be :-D


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Esther on :

aww.. cute! congratulations! i liked how you explained s/he waving the hands and sleeping... well, i haven't seen an ultrasound picture so clearly like this one before... i hope all goes well for you all. =)

suanie on :

ooo congratulations! :-)

Su-Lyn on :

That is really awesome!! :-) Congrats! Will keep praying for a great and safe delivery. :-)

kruel74 on :

Congratulations!!!! Keep us posted...

Niki Cheong on :

Wowza! Congrats Julian!

Very happy for you and the missus!

julian on :

Esther - they can be even more detailed apparently!

Jacquelyn - what's with the 'Sir'?? :p

suanie - thanks :-)

zhi qing - tenkiu

Su-Lyn - thanks also, we're going to have to check out some antenatal classes also...

kruel74 - no surprise for you though of course, will do updates, and probably bore everyone to tears! hehe

Niki Cheong - thanks, will pass on the message :-)

julian on :

Oops thanks kenwooi also!

Addy on :

Awww..... CONGRATULATIONS, Julian :-) More motivation to finish that blooming PhD on time (or earlier *fingers crossed*) so that you can start earning big bucks to support your growing family, eh? :-)

"Sir" is pretty common here. My dad (high school English teacher) gets called that ALL THE TIME, even now (he's retired). He likes it, makes him feel special. I believe if you spoke to him, he'd tell you that he DID get knighted by the Queen....with a serious face (him, not the Queen). LOL.

synical on :

Congratulations! :-)

For some reason the name "Charlaine" came up because it's the name of the author of the True Blood books :-D

You could always check out for kid names.

julian on :

Addy - ya, definitely motivation to get as much done before s/he comes into the world!

synical - thanks :-) will do... thinking of Charlie now for a girl...

eugene on :

Wow!!! I didn't know (so slow on the news). CONGRATS!!! :-)))))))))))))))

cherwith on :

heyyyy congrats..boy am I way behind..haven't visited ur blog in ages.............hows dda research going?

Rita on :

Sir, congrats :-) I'm looking forward to see the pictures of ur cute baby :-)

julian on :

eugene - thanks :-) Going OK, lots to do... done with the fieldwork, it's all analysing and writing up now.

cherwith - thanks and see above re research :-) Hope all is well for you

Rita - no doubt you will... new ultrasound scan coming up very soon! :-)

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