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Nuffnang Awards - Whistle stop tour

The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards were held last weekend, and various lucky nominees and bloggers were transported into Singapore from Malaysia, Philippines, and Australia. It was the first of its kind and, for me, the cut-off event for my data collection - from now on, it's time to start reviewing all my field notes, transcribing interviews and aiming to finish 100K word in one year.

Here is a rapid tour of how it was for me - we gathered at the Nuffnang offices in KL, and arrived at the Link Hotel at about 3pm. Yee Hou was our efficient shepherd, leading us safely to Singapore and back, even those who didn't declare cigarettes... :-P
nuffnang blog awards group
After we booked in (was a bit slow) - a welcome beer!
asahi beer singapore
Then, off to the Awards ceremony! Efficiently run, nice food, nice people, many awards - nominees from all four countries where Nuffnang has a presence. Blog celebrities and Celebrity Bloggers :-) (list of the nominees and winners)
nuffnang awards ceremony singapore
In the group photo (L-R): dork on the left, dunno who sorry, Swee San, Soon Seng, Wenli, and Jolene (click her name for a much more complete account of the awards).

Got back to the hotel for a pleasant surprise welcoming letter with a gift of cute cows from Exabytes, longtime advertisers with blogs
nuffnang awards exabytes cow

Saturday was dedicated to a tour of Singapore, courtesy of Uniquely Singapore. It started with a lesson at the 'School of Hard Knocks' at the Royal Selangor Pewter Centre, where we got to make our own pewter bowl.
nuffnang awards selangor pewter

After that the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, the Singapore Flyer, took us over a scenic view of Singapore (though at the moment there's a lot of building going on, the future casino and other sites). Apparently they will be offering dining sessions in the Flyer - they put in a table, have a butler, and - I think - up to ten people can dine in one of the capsules.
nuffnang awards singapore flyer ferris wheel
And I met kaoko, a versatile Japanese doll who blogs at kitchencow

After lunch we went to Chinatown, and the Chinatown Heritage Centre - it's a well designed museum, that recreates many different aspects of the old Chinatown, with accounts by people who lived through it... the poverty and resilience of the migrants is humbling
nuffnang awards singapore chinatown heritage centre
but some things are surely better off consigned to history :S
nuffnang awards singapore chinatown heritage centre

After that the Mint Museum of Toys - a fascinating and immense collection of original toys dating back to the 19th century, housed in a purposely designed architecture-award-winning building
nuffnang awards singapore mint toy museum
and many tired bloggers :-)

Later, back on the rooftop Beer Garden of the hotel, I had nice chat with MING and watched bloggers take photos
nuffnang awards link hotel beer garden sunset photos

Sunday - all good things have to come to an end... though first we tried (unsuccessfully) to introduce Arne to Bak Kut Teh - hope we didn't spoil his Sunday!
nuffnang awards bak kut teh
And on the bus back, I had an interesting chat with Soon Seng, though I probably ended up boring him with the results of my survey ...

And that was that! Of course I met many other bloggers too but too many to mention - all in all, it was a great trip, an interesting glimpse into bloggers from other countries, and a real milestone in the development of blogging in Asia.

Thanks Nuffnang!


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Elaynne on :

Hi Julian!!!

It was nice meeting you!! Glad you had fun :-)

benjicajess on :

heyyyyy juliannnnnnnn!! :-) u looked nice at the awards, with ur wifey too! woots. nice chatting witcha there too, as always. oh and if u wanna see some videos i took during the nnawards, it's alrdy up on my bloggy. see ya at d next event! *hugss :-)

Jacquelyn on :

HEY!!! It was nice meeting you again in this trip. too bad we were in different group or else could have chatted more with u :-)

julian on :

Elaynne - hiya :-) Thanks for everything, you guys were really helpful!

benjicajess - Ya your post is very complete, as usual!

Jacquelyn - ya true that, next time pun boleh :-)

Lyrical Lemongrass (Meena) on :

Nice meeting both of you at the Awards. Looking forward to seeing more of you guys in the near future! Let's get together some time. :-)

soon seng on :

Haha.. no, you did not bore me with the survey results (which were highly informative), and yes, it was good to see you again! with your wife too, this time round! =)

julian on :

Lyrical Lemongrass - Sure! Maybe you can recommend a good place to makan ;-)

Soon Seng - cool, and likewise :-)

Adeline on :

Hey Julian

Good luck with transcribing ur interviews :-) I spent a good 1-1.5 months doing that ;-) Gee, I hope the Heineken placed u in the right frame of mind to be collecting data at the public event! LOL

adeline on :

Hiya :-) I am dreading the transcription somewhat...

Diana Tan on :

Came upon this site from Google. Also am a nuffnanger and interesting photos put up. :-D

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