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Tunnel vision

"There isn't a doubt, I think, that Iran constitutes the single most important, single-country challenge to... US interests in the Middle East and to the kind of Middle East that we want to see." US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice

Well that says it all, really. The USA continues on its unilateral path, and wonders why people still don’t like them…

What about the kind of Middle East those who live there want to see? And frankly, why should we give a s**t about US interests? All the reckless pursuit of their interests have led us to so far is continuing mayhem in Iraq, continuing recruitment of murderous jihadists, and – in fact – the increase of Iran’s influence in the Middle East.

They say you can tell a person by their friends, and so why not a government by its allies: who are they selling arms to (thus contributing to a heightening of tensions and playing right into the hands of bin Laden et al.)?

Israel: a country that has illegally occupied the Palestinian lands since 1967, already has nuclear weapons, and is responsible for a whole number of other reprehensible acts – for example papering over the killing of a 13-year old girl.

Saudi Arabia: recently accused by the US Ambassador to the United States of “pursuing destabilising policies” with regards to Iraq, and of course no stranger to torture, discrimination against women, etc. (Amnesty International Report).
And Egypt: apart from denying free elections, and torturing detained ‘terrorists’ for America, I wonder what else have they done to deserve the munificence of the hypocritical USA?

The statement by Condoleeza Rice makes it clear at least: who cares about human rights, democracy, human dignity or peace? (Have a look at The Observer Human Rights Index – note that Iran and Syria, and the American allies are all in the ‘top 20’...) It is the American interests that are the most important. And $20bn won’t do any harm to the American arms producers, either. So let’s just give everyone more weapons, because that’s sure to help them get along with each other…

Sorry… just had to get that off my chest. Peace to all reasonable Americans, Israelis, Saudis and Egyptians out there :-)

And frankly, the Iranian government is as bad as the rest of them. But it’s just the sheer hypocrisy, and irresponsibility, of the American government that makes my blood boil.


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