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Brisbane, Internet studies, malls

I’m feeling a bit lost without my camera, which is interesting as it says something about how important pictures have become for my blogging. For most of my posts, the process is like this: I load pictures (of a blogmeet, a place I’ve been, food I’ve eaten...) onto my computer, delete the ones that are no good, then do a simultaneous process of choosing which ones to use for a blog post and how I will tie them together with words... So now, without pictures, I have change my way of writing posts.

Anyway, I’m still very busy so I’ll just do little stream-of-consciousness thing :-)

I’m in Brisbane right now - attending the OII Summer Doctoral Programme, hosted by the Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology (QUT): basically, 30 PhD students from various disciplines who study the internet have been brought together, we are given seminars by luminaries from Internet Studies and explain our PhDs to each other. In other words, it’s perfect for me and I am thanking my lucky stars (maybe the Southern Cross? :-P) for being here. It’s tiring, but good.

Talking about lucky stars, the reason I don’t have a camera is that WW’s car was broken into and her bag stolen; and then I was loaned a camera to come here, but the card decided to die on me...

Brisbane is very nice! The public transport is great (the buses have their own roads!), people are friendly and helpful (though the Australians tend to mumble/swallow their words a bit - which I find difficult to follow), food is good, and you can even get a decent curry laksa! Another thing that struck me is that there are many local public libraries, and there was even one in a mall that I went to yesterday. Now that strikes me as a useful function for a mall! There was also a Post Office in the mall. I don’t think that happens in Malaysia: I think that every mall should be required to fund some public services too - they could have a post office, a health clinic, a police station (may be more complicated), a library, a children’s crèche, an arts centre... Not all of these necessarily, but at least a couple. When you think of it - all that money is spent on malls and for what? So people can spend money and give profits to (mostly) big shop owners and property developers. Not to say there isn’t a social benefit in that too, but malls have become such an important focus of life that is almost completely dedicated to one narrow realm of our social life - the buying of material goods.

I’m here for one more week and will try to update more frequently.


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kruel74 on :

Some mall here do have that but it is scattered. We have a post office in KLCC, a police station in the Curve but no one really uses them except those who has offices there. No library though but people do treat the bookstore like one ;-)

julian on :

Thanks for the info - would be interesting to know how much traffic they get.

Wen Li on :

I absolutely love visiting the Brisbane City Council Library! It's free to sign up too and u get to borrow books for free! :-) Unlike Msia, reading is very much part of their culture and they have one library in every suburb!

Have you been enjoying the food there?

Since you're attending the Doctoral Programme in QUT, you've probably been going around Brisbane city in which you would notice, isn't as happening as Sydney/Melbourne!

If you want to enjoy some Salsa on Friday night, there's one right in front of the Brisbane City Council Library~! People gather to have some fun dancing Salsa~

:-) I am returning to Brissie in 2 weeks! Missing the winter there, really! It's so hot and humid here in Msia!

Have a pleasant time in Brisbane! Hope you're enjoying yourself!

julian on :

Hmmm I think I passed near the Salsa thing last Friday, but I was boring (and tired) and didn't bother checking it out.

It's chilly here - but not too bad really, and the days are sunny and clear. I can imagine you enjoy living here :-)

Wen Li on :

lol it really is fun there~! :-) well it's a very good environment to study. Have fun there too!

Sydney on :

Yes interesting information. Thanks for sharing.

julian on :

You're welcome, thanks for dropping by.

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