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Air Asia eXperience

How was my Air Asia eXperience? To check in and get on the plane was OK - the usual minimal service and bus-station-like experience of the LCCT. Though I must say the international departures lounge now has many more shops than before - and it almost feels like a real airport.

The flight was much cheaper than the cheapest MAS flight, about RM1700 cheaper. The ‘Brisbane’ flight lands in Gold Coast Coolangatta airport, which is about one hour from Brisbane, but there’s a Malaysian/Australian company called AAExpress that runs a bus service that will pick you up at the airport and take you to Brisbane for AUD38.

So money-wise, it’s great value and I can’t complain there. But I do have two major grouses.

The seats are pretty minimal, narrow, and don’t lean back very much - OK it’s budget travel... but there is no footrest! Maybe it’s just because I have shorter legs or something, but I find that a footrest can make so much difference and surely they can’t cost a lot to have! It’s rare even to find a bus without them now.

And the second problem is the food - I booked a ‘Vegetarian meal’ and this is what I got...
air asia meal nasi lemak

yep, like one scoop of rice and a few spoonfuls of some (admittedly tasty) fake meat-type thing. Oh, and a bottle of water. It’s really not enough - and they only serve one meal in an eight hour flight. I mean, I would be fine with paying more to get a proper meal! Some fruit, bread roll, whatever... shame! :-(
air asia meal nasi lemak

And because they spend so much time giving people change, etc, it takes ages to serve.

Anyway; something I would recommend is that it’s probably well worth paying in advance for the entertainment (i.e. films, etc.) - if you’re saving RM1,000+ on the flight, might as well allow yourself RM30 or less to avoid spending the whole flight staring at a map with the plane’s flight track... And bring a pillow and blanket.


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iriene on :

Tks for sharing. This info input is very critical if anyone need to make desicion for long haul flight. Do drop by for "Mysterious Road" at my blog, :-D

julian on :

Hiya - yes that is mysterious :-O

Ariff Suffian on :

Foods looks like s** a** c**
[edited by julian]

julian on :

It tasted OK, but was really not very much

Wen Li on :

I just got back from Brisbane! and the journey was painful i must say! I got to agree to that! :-) anyhow hope you did have a pleasant time there~!

julian on :

I'm still here, and enjoying my stay thanks :-) We must have been here at the same time!

Marta Buscar Pareja on :

I was just by chance thinking about traveling to Australia and I just wanted to know which city would your recomend me? I know Sydney is the tipical, but wanted to know something else about the rest of Australia. Thanks anyway for sharing your experiences!

julian on :

Not sure if I can help much as I've only been to Sydney, Tasmania and Brisbane. Tasmania was the best for nature. Brisbane is very nice and not so large, close to the Gold Coast where there are beaches and stuff (though it's not very hot here at the moment). Sydney is bigger, with more museums, art galleries and so on; nice fish market there too!

Hope you have a nice time :-)

Blog Tactic on :

Vege meal? I thought they served fresh vege instead of fake meat.

julian on :

Nope. On the way back I got vege pasta - again, it tasted OK but was not enough to be satisfying.

I tried out the entertainment on the way back (RM30) - all OK there. Though the films are a bit old.

princesscheryl on :

Sometimes AA sucks...but due to the cheap air ticket, still consider ok.

julian on :

Agree, the cost is usually worth the hassle. But still... they could have better food!

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