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Woohoo! My page rank increased :)

OK well the title says it all really - now I have to think of how to fill a whole post :-P Maybe I should just have tweeted it - but it does seem more appropriate to blog about this...

Yesterday, I was looking at a blog and noticed that it had a page rank of 4, and I thought - 'Hey how come he has four when I only have three??'. So I checked my Page Rank (had to go to a website to do it, as the previous button had stopped working - and the result?

PageRank Checking Icon

Woohoo! Actually I remember once it went up to six for a short while, then dropped again. So maybe that will happen again... hopefully not :S

OK - gotta do some real work now...


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dosz on :

crazy... even kenny sia's PR is 4 only if im not mistaken

julian on :

Wow you're right! The only thing I can think of is that I have a link from a university website ( which may be good for my ranking; maybe also some other academic blogs link to me and they may be linked from universities too...

Nigel on :

oh picasa can do that? hmm ill try it out. thanks julian. =)

julian on :

No worries :-)


can you give me how tricks to to increase PR

julian on :

There are many sites out there with advice, just try Googling and you'll find them. As I said above, I am linked from my university and some other academic sites which may help.

Basics you need to do are: submitting your site to Google (; don't have too many paid links, or paid posts, etc; be patient.

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