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Three hundred and thirty three thousand kilometres

Well I'm feeling a bit down, disoriented, and blehh - work stress, dealing with people stress, and general planet misalignment I suppose... Solution? Do a random blog post to feel like I've done something useful! :-D

I have an old Nissan Sunny 130Y (aka 'Sunny Boy'); it's about 16 years old, and I paid RM6,000 for it in 2005 - honestly it's probably the best car I've had, if one takes into account its age. It still works wonderfully and I've never had a significant problem {touching wood :-O } (though it needs new aircon now).

A couple of days ago I noticed that it has done 333,003 kilometres!

I've decided that is a good luck number, and therefore I feel better! :-P

Have a good day all!


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Happysurfer on :

LOL! Wait till it hits 3333333 (soon) and it'll be better. Remember to have a picture of it though. It should be an auspicious piece for display. Glad it made you feel better.

julian on :

Ya I'll try to get that one... hopefully it won't be while I'm on the highway or something!

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