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Nuffnang Music Bash - Super prize!

OK no time to blog a lot, I'm going to the BarCampKL and I'm gonna be late already... But I have to say something about last night.

The evening didn't start off well... I parked way up at the top of Jalan Sultan Ismail, and had to walk all the way down it - looking like this!

(OK - edit for clarification: I wasn't with Eminem aka Huai Bin while walking :-))
There were people staring, honking and even some errant mat rempits giving me peace signs! :-D But I got there, and was soon enjoying free beer and meeting up with bloggers thanks to Nuffnang and Maxis Broadband.

There was a glam rock band made of bloggers who were pretty good, given that they had only got together one or two weeks ago. And looking very glam!

There were bloggerazzi galore

and the first prize was waiting...

for ME!! I won! Woohoo! :-D

Reggae mon! Rastafari vibrations for I and I!

A big thanks to Nuffnang and Maxis! And to all the bloggers who cheered me on :-) And not forgetting Yatz, who knows his way around KL pretty well - thanks for the lift!

And if you haven't done it already - there are only five days left to do the Malaysian Blog Survey. 474 bloggers and readers have had their say - have you?


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k-tuck on :

Hey! Congratz on the winning of the PS3... I'm in the Paperazzi shot... the guy wearing the white cap + black shirt!
Congratz again!

julian on :

Thanks :-) I noticed you, I thought you were a journalist for real - are you?

julian on :

It was fun :-) Will be sending you that pic asap!

wingz on :

ya mon!!! u loks!!! lol

julian on :

:-D a night in babylon but I survived!

Jess on :

ya kno wot? u pulled it off really well. honestly, i thot u were black. as in.. negro. till the end of the party where u took off ur wig and kinda wiped ur face, im like wtf? he's white? lol

thumbs up!
and, thanks for taking the pic with me! guess who i am? :-)

julian on :

Hehe you should have looked closer at my arms! I realised when I was driving to the party that I had forgotten to put colour on them!

Jac on :

Congrats Julian! Great to see you again last night :-)

julian on :

Thanks and nice to see you too :-)

bryanlyt on :

congrats on the PS3, hands down to u lol!

reggaemon~!! xD

Yatz on :

congrats! not a problem at all about the lift ;-)

julian on :

you dropped me at just the right spot also - I just cut through the lane and was right there!

Jamie on :

Woot! Very nice, Julian! The effort you put into your outfit (and the joint) boggles the mind.

Happy PS-ing!

julian on :

Hehe it wasn't too difficult :-) I still haven't opened the PS3 though... it's the kind of thing that can put a serious dent in my studies :-O

hengjovi on :

yo man! remember me? im the guy who chat with you during the que for dinner? hahaha! i did the survey! hit me back aye? oh btw, gratz on the ps3 ;-) u deserve it yo!

julian on :

Yes I do :-) Lost sight of you after that - hope you had a good evening!

kuE on :

hie there julian!

i didn't get the chance to come closer and take pic with you this time, how sad...

i was standing somewhere when i saw you and trying to figure out of who could that guy be when suddenly you started to speak with someone... i was like "its julian!" hah!

congratulations man on the winning!

julian on :

Hey - sorry for missing you! I was wondering if you'd be there...

julian on :

tenkiu ... I mean - Yo mon, I and I give thanks to Jah!

Nice to see you :-)

Jen on :

congrats! a very well deserved win, i must say!!

from one of the glam rock bloggers ;-)

julian on :

You guys were cool! How come you didn't take part in the contest? (Good for me you didn't though! :-O )

eugene on :

Whoaaa... Seriously, Wow... Even though you mentioned it to me, I couldn't have pictured this... What great effort! I think Bob Marley would have been proud.

julian on :

Hmmm... not sure what he would have thought of it to be honest :-P But thanks - I think the facepaint is what brought it all together :-)

maRCus on :

Hello MR Hopkins. I just swung by to say.... YOU'RE ONE HELLUVA LUCKY GUY!!

Bob Marley actually won you a PS3.. Waaaaahhhzz!! you rawks!

julian on :

Hehe actually I may try to convert it into funds for a trip back to Europe that we've planned - but ya, very lucky! :-D

hengjovi on :

lost sight of me? hahah, no, i took a picture with u at the end of the party, twice actually, first time without flash? LOL that was me too! hope you have a great evening too! :-D

julian on :

Oh! To be honest I never had so many people wanting to take photos with me :-) I guess I did get a taste of celebrity life (for an hour or two :p)

Jeffro on :

Alrightz man.. I haven't congratulated you one the winning of the PS3, how's it man?

Nways, good days ahead.. Hope to see you again sometime soon!

julian on :

hey thanks for dropping by! Well done for the belt!

hengjovi on :

oh, dont mind if i link you to my blog? heh! cheers! :-)

julian on :

can also - thanks! :-)

tzia on :

bob marley! congrats ;-)

julian on :

Hehe - that's the one :-)

anansie on :

wow man, i wanted to give you some grief for doing the car-show-must-have-girl-shot, food for thought for next post/usage of pix?

congrats anyways..

julian on :

Ok lah non-intentional what!

Just to clarify, I won the PS3 and could not have won the lady, because women are not objects to be won :-)

Terri on :

PS3 woots! YA MAN

julian on :


hengjovi on :

yo man, my music bash entry will be posted asap, when im free and not that tired, lol.

julian on :

Will check it out :-)

julian on :

Well done for the iPod Touch - your outfit was dead cool!

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