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Spaghetti grows on trees

It's customary for bloggers to do an April Fool post on the 1st April, but I'm too unimaginative to think of a good one - so I thought I'd tell you about a very famous April Fool's joke carried out by the BBC. In fact I think that the BBC usually does one every year, and it's quite fun to try to spot it on their website.

In 1957, when TVs were still small black and white boxes designed to look like a wooden cabinet, and olive oil was only sold in chemists in the UK, the respected program Panorama broadcast a 2.30 minute sequence on the spaghetti harvest in Switzerland, narrated by the venerable Richard Dimbleby (BBC).

Some of the classic lines are (Source):
"Spaghetti cultivation here in Switzerland is not, of course, carried out on anything like the tremendous scale of the Italian industry. Many of you, I am sure, will have seen pictures of the vast spaghetti plantations in the Po valley."

"Many people are very puzzled by the fact that spaghetti is produced in such uniform lengths. This is the result of many years of patient endeavour by plant breeders who suceeded in producing the perfect spaghetti."

"the harvest is marked by a traditional meal... This is, of course, spaghetti—picked early in the day, dried in the sun, and so brought fresh from garden to table at the very peak of condition. For those who love this dish, there is nothing like real home-grown spaghetti."

Check it out :-D

For many, the really funny thing was how many people believed it - some even calling the BBC to ask where they could get a 'spaghetti bush' :-)


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kruel74 on :

Maybe we can convince RTM to do something with voice by well-known announcers

Maiko on :

it looks rather convincing thou

julian on :

kruel74 - for a kuih tree? ;-)

maiko - ya they did a good job!

Jamie on :

Nice one, Julian! Apparently bbc's Ouch! ran something yesterday on inclusive spaghetti - "The leading manufacturer of spaghetti hoops and letters has released a new product: spaghetti formed into the likenesses of disabled people using wheelchairs, walking sticks and guide dogs."

julian on :

Hehe - just to show that they can be useful to society! ;p

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