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I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband

Nuffnang is at it again! This time there's a chance to go the Nuffnang Music Bash 2009.

The theme is "how you wish to be treated if you’re a celebrity" - so I thought about it… You see, my problem is that I don't really look like any celebrity, and I don’t have all the extra accessories to dress up and everything. I asked WW, 'Which celebrity has short hair?' – she looked at me and said 'David Beckham' (which shows just how blind love can be! :-))

So Beckham it was. As you probably know, Beckham is famous for being metrosexual, leading the way for the 21st century man. A famous early episode was when he appeared with Victoria while wearing a sarong. Of course, being metrosexual he wasn't wearing one of those boring checked ones, but in fact had a more exciting woman’s one.

Notice the football and the tattoos (just have to remind you just in case you don't see the resemblance with Beckham :-P)

So, if I was Beckham, I would want to be pampered in the best spas, and get massaged in a Balinese garden with frangipani flowers strewn around, perfuming the air with their delicate fragrance

And of course, how could I do without the face mask? (infused with gold particles of course)

Not forgetting the manicure and pedicure, of course. Add a glass of champagne and - metrosexual life, here I come!

Hehe, so there you have it – my life as Beckham, being massaged, manicured, pedicured, relaxing in pamper-tastic spas and drinking champagne :-D

(With thanks to WW: makeup artist, creative director and multi-talented extra :-))

OK you may have noticed a problem, which I noticed too late. Nuffnang says they want 'Musicon Celebrities', so does Beckham count?? On the other hand, they say "Take a picture of yourself dressed up like a celebrity or impersonate any celebrity you want" – so I dunno… But I do want to go to the party! Please!!


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adrian on :

haha. cracked me up. the tatts and sarong- nice touch. a victoria accessory would've been the icing on the cake

kruel74 on :

Wow, the length you go to look like beckham. It must be hard man. (note the sarcasm, as I didn't think of it first)

hitomi on :

Woot!! that's much more liKe it

julian on :

adrian - hehe dunno if WW would have appreciated ;-)

kruel74 - ya unfortunately the full body plastic surgery would have been too expensive lol

hitomi - yah reelaaxxx 8-)

Sam on :

awesome lol...david beckham in sarong =D

julian on :

True one! Check the link - he did it first :-)

eugene on :


How did yesterday go? Will you do a post on it?

julian on :

Hiya, it went well thanks - I didn't think of blogging about it... maybe when I get some photos - was too preoccupied with doing things :/

ku E on :

walaweiii!!!... was that really you julian? hehee... 8-)

julian on :

Hidden talent, don't you think? ;p

anonymous on :

Hey, you didn't come as beckham last nite but what you came as was so much better!!!! So cool! ;-)

julian on :

Thanks :-) It was also easier than trying to be Beckham!

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