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Kim Jong-il eats pizza

Kim Jong-il, aka 'The Dear Leader', is a despot who lives in a world of luxury while presiding over famines, poverty and despair. Not to mentioning being responsible for kidnappping, blowing up a civilian airplane, and having a ridiculous perm

Apparently, he is something of a superhuman, for example writing six operas in two years and - when he was born - "The event was reportedly marked by a double rainbow, and a bright star in the sky." (BBC).

The personality cult of the Kims in North Korea is in many ways a reproduction of pre-existing religious practices - photos are treated with the reverence of religious icons and/or ancestral tablets and his presence is (reportedly) an occasion for emotional outbursts.

Not much to laugh about there, really, but this comment by an Italian chef made me laugh:
In 2004, he described to the BBC how he had given lessons to three army officers who took copious notes and asked detailed questions such as how far apart olives should be placed on each pizza.

Mr Furlanis said Kim Jong-il may even have visited one of the training sessions, being held on a ship anchored offshore.

"I am not in the position to say whether it really was him, but our chef, who had no reason to fib, was, for the space of several minutes, utterly speechless," Mr Furlanis said.

"He said he felt as if he had seen God, and I still envy him this experience." (BBC, emphasis added)

Hehe :-D


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eugene on :

So 1984. So tragic that the many North Koreans can't see beyond the personality cult he created.

The guy is a monster... like Mugabe, who can enjoy caviar etc, while letting people starve... nuclear programme, instead of feeding the people.

julian on :

Well, it's so difficult to know what North Koreans really think...

I knew a Romanian, back in 1990 just after the fall of Ceaucescu there, and I asked her - 'How did you know that you weren't living in a worker's paradise, when no one - not even your parents - dared to say anything against the government propaganda?'

And she answered - 'It was obvious - on the radio they always said we were producing so much food, everything; but when you went to the bakery all there was was three day-old bread!'

Heh, so that was one lesson from someone who had lived under a Stalinist regime :-)

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