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My food fetish - Cili goreng!

Banana leaf is one of my favourite foods, and whenever we feel like eating out, I'm almost inevitably (and boringly) going to suggest "Banana leaf!".

So last Sunday, we decided to check out a banana leaf place near our house. We walked there - a walk of about 15-20 minutes through the suburbs of Kelana Jaya (and I should have put on some suncream, as I ended with a very red neck!). On the way we saw this unusual frontage on a house
Suburban house with Lord Ganesh, Malaysia

closer up, you can see how it's an elaborate scene with Lord Ganesh - apart from that the house looked completely normal though.
Suburban house with Lord Ganesh, Malaysia

We got the the shoplots and ordered daun pisang, as well as some fried tengiri... yum...
Banana leaf aka daun pisang dish, Malaysia

One of the things I like best about banana leaf are the extra bits that come with - fried potato chips, pappadom, and especially cili goreng!!
Banana leaf aka daun pisang dish with cili goreng, Malaysia

Man, I'm drooling just thinking of them. Cili goreng are chilis that have been dried in salt, which draws salt inside the chili; then they are dropped into boiling oil, and scooped out as soon as they rise to the surface. Delicious, and although you can buy them in some shops, they are the best when they have been freshly cooked.

The meal for two, with two pieces of fried fish and two drinks each came out to RM22, which is OK. I didn't do a proper blogger job of getting a photo of the sign/getting the name and address (tsk, tsk) - but here's a map of where it is.
Kelana Jaya map banan leaf restaurant

And here's a close up of that cili goreng again - oOOOooooohh it's sooOO hot :-P :-P
cili goreng, salted dried and fried chili, Malaysia


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Yatz on :

nasi lemak stimmm

kruel74 on :

Now you make me wanna have some banana leaf rice. My kaki is recuperating in the hospital due to some procedure...(my wife is not a fan)

leechon on :

hey...u r owning ur own domain? How much u pay per year?


julian on :

Yatz - :-) can't beat a cili goreng though!

kruel74 - hehe one can never stay away for too long!

leechon - I got it from I pay about 90USD a year; not sure if it's a great price, but they give lots of space (750GB last time I checked), and so far all works well (touch wood). Though occasionally some slowing down, but not very bad.

Anonymous on :

u make me crave for mamak food!! a a a.. drools

julian on :

Hehe how about some roti canai too then? :-P

Rebecca on :

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For more info, please send an email to with your name, age, number, and description of your eating habits.

Thanks so much and have a great day!

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