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Dragonball Evolution Premiere and my Thought Bubble :)

Last night was the Nuffnang Dragonball Premiere screening - I was pleased to get a ticket as I had not been to one for a while, and wanted to catch up with some bloggers. And coincidentally my online survey – myBlogS 2009 – was just completed so I took the opportunity to tell people about that too.

After discussing blogs at Dave's Pizza Pasta Vino (confirmed good pasta) with Jan-E and Rachel (who turned out to be an ex-student of mine from HELP :-)), I arrived at the GSC where, for some reason, RELA has been drafted to help out with the crowd control and anti-piracy measures (i.e. checking people for recording equipment).

As usual, Nuffnang were well organised - with friendly people to greet us, hand out tickets and so on. But lots of people who had got the tickets didn't turn up – there was a whole stack of tickets left as the show started. Honestly that sucks - if you don't want to go, there are many others who do >:[ (thinking of me who missed 'The Punisher' screening which looked fun) – just email Nuffnang and they'll pass on the tickets to someone else. Anyway, apparently people who do no-shows get blacklisted - and after two no-shows, I think they will no longer get any invites and so on. Nah!

As I got my ticket, I met Marcus – whom I met at previous Nuffnang meets, and we took a photo with some others whose name I can't remember (sorry…)
Malaysian bloggers: julian and marcus

What’s that above my head you're asking? Maybe you can see it better with me and Huai Bin?
Malaysian bloggers: julian and huai bin

It was an idea by WW – to attract attention and tell people about the survey. It's a thought bubble with ‘wtf?’ on one side and ‘Have Your Say’ on the other, with 'Malaysian Blog Survey 2009' underneath; the thought bubble is because I want to know what you think about blogs and blogging. It also helped to meet up with Bernard to give him his ticket – I texted him 'I'm the guy with a sign above his head' lol :-D

You can see it better in this photo, with Zoe and Sue Me (hmpf, my camwhoring skills leave much to be desired...)
Malaysian bloggers: julian,zoe, and sue me

Zoe reminded me that we first met at the Digi promotional event last year in April – seeing that post now, I'm surprised that it was less than a year ago. It seems like more than that. That was when I first met joshua too - who is like the most prolific blogger I have ever seen! (Though he claims 'it's not like it used to be').

How was the film? Well, the plot was predictable - the villain was nasty

and the love interest was hot and feisty

and you won't be surprised to hear that Goku won in the end - with the help of a Kame Hame Ha!!!

I never really watched the cartoon or read the comics, but most of those I spoke to were somewhat underwhelmed by the film. For me, I wasn't expecting too much of the film, but I was so stressed yesterday (almost had an argument with someone at university), after working non-stop for the last few days to finalise the blog survey, that I just enjoyed a moment to relax and be entertained. Though the way they pronounced 'Qi' (i.e. chi) as 'Ki' got on my nerves.

After the film, while waiting in the queue to get my camera, etc. back (they were efficient, which was a relief), I met Tian Chad, who seems to leave a comment in every blog I read :-)

Also met KY, Yatz, Yee Hou and many others. I’d just like to say a big Thank You! to everyone for listening to me going on about my survey, and I am knocking my head on the floor in gratitude to those who have done the survey already (listen hard and you may hear ;-)).

Please please please do the survey, and spread the word if you can :-) If there are not enough people who do it, the results are not valid… :-(

Here are some of the other posts on the event – if I’ve missed your one, leave a comment and I’ll add it below:
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• Tian Chad: DragonBall EVoLuTion @ 1 Utama by NuffNang

*Update 16/03/09*
• A journey called Jloi: Dragonball Evolution Premier Screening + Gathering with NuffNanger
• Awesomeness Aaron: Dragonball Premiere Screening


anthroblogia on : myBlogS 2009 - 538 already and only two more days left!

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Just two more days to go!! I was soooo stressed when I launched this survey, and just hoping that I would get at least 100 responses, but now there have been 538!! 500 was my target, so that's cool but I want more, more, more!! - muahhhahahahhaaha No


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k0k on :

The dragonball manga was Japanese. "Ki" is Japanese. You need moar research mate :-)

KY on :

that was a super long survey I just did!

and the movie did suck. :/

julian on :

k0k - OK I guess that just shows how much I know about mangas :-| Thanks for the correction!

KY - tenkiu tenkiu :-) I love you! (and everyone else who does the survey :-P). How long? Hope it wasn't too long... It's longer for those with a blog who do lots of things with it, but hopefully not more than 15 mins?

Yatz on :

i did the survey too! :-)

it's quite interesting..I've been arguing some of the points you have stated there :-)

julian on :

:-) Thank you! {kowtowing} I will also put you on my Valentine's list :-P Glad you found it interesting!

cweelee on :

I did the survey as well...It was long as KY said so...

The movie didn't really meet my expectation but it's free and it was produced by Steven Chow...somehow i rated it average

eugene on :

How's the survey going? [I'll prob see u in sch] As KY said, the survey is long.

julian on :

cweelee - thanks so much :-) If you're lucky, you'll get another free VIP cinema ticket (but you get to choose the film) for doing the survey :-D

eugene - survey is going OK, but still need lots more to answer it. Nervous as hell :-| Hope it's not tooooo long right? It depends also on how much the person does, for some it would be shorter. Thanks for doing it! :-)

synical on :

Done the thing, too... mentioned it on my blog and on Twitter as well :-P

julian on :

Merci merci! :-D That's a good idea, I've still not got round to twitting - must do someday I suppose.

Tian Chad on :

Haha, I will only reply to post when I have opinion ar! ;p

Maybe we just have same interest?

Between, I have done your survey, hope it helps!

julian on :

Hehe true true :-) Yes it does help thank you! The more people, and the more different type of people do it, the better the results will be :-D

eugene on :

My brother did it (as a blog reader) and said it only took 5 min.

julian on :

Cool! Tell him thanks for me :-) Ya - readers will take less time, less questions to answer :-)

Z0E on :

Am doing the survey now! :-)

julian on :

Yay! Thank you! :-) Don't hold back if you want to tell others about it too! :-P

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