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myBlogS 2009 - Malaysian Blog Survey now open!

• Who are Malaysian bloggers?

• Why do bloggers blog?

• Is monetisation changing the Malaysian blogosphere?

How many blogs would a blogging blogger blog if a blogger's blogging could blog blogs?

These are the questions I am trying to answer for a PhD in Monash University Sunway Campus. But of course, the best people to answer these questions are bloggers and blog readers, which is why I designed this survey. :-)

You can read more about my research here, and throughout this blog.

It's for all Malaysian bloggers and everyone who reads Malaysian blogs. Have Your Say about the Malaysian blogosphere!

It will only take you 10-15 minutes and, to thank you for your time, you get a chance to win a pair of Platinum Movie Suite tickets (or similar service in a cinema near you). There are two pairs for the first two participants chosen, and five runners-up will each get regular cinema vouchers for two.

I'll be posting the results on this blog, and the more people who do the survey, the better it will reflect what bloggers and readers really think about the Malaysian blogosphere. Please help by mentioning it in your blog or telling your friends :-) (Nuffnangers can also help by Nanging this post :-))

If you like, you can spread the word by putting one of a choice of banners or sidepanels on your blog - check them out here.

The survey will remain open until the 10th April, 2009 - but don't hesitate...


anthroblogia on : eLawyer Conference - Be informed!

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Last Saturday I attended the ”eLawyer Law Conference 2009 - Blogging & Law”. It was interesting, I got to meet up with some bloggers and also (of course) tell people about the survey – myBlogS 2009 (there are 151 responses so far – have you had your say?)


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Pradeesh on :

Done !

I hope you'll release the papers of your research to the public and simplified version. I am very interested to know the results and your opinion !

julian on :

Thank you!!! :-) I really appreciate it! The more people who do it, the better the results will be.

I will be posting the results online once I have compiled them :-)

Sim Yin on :

Hi Mr. Julian. I was a student of yours back in HELP. So here, in return of your guidance, I completed your survey :-) Good luck with the research!

julian on :

Hello Sim :-) Glad to know my teaching was useful for something ;p

Adam on :

Hi Just completed your survey. It's quite interesting because my research is on blogging as well. Would love to read your results when you are done. Cheers

julian on :

Thanks :-) I really appreciate it! I will add your email to the list of people who want to be told when the results are out.

Rajinder Singh on :

Hi Julian,

I had just completed the survey. Had forward the links for your surveys to my friends network and hopefully you will get a good response from them.

Cant wait for the results of your research :-)

All the best to you and good luck!


julian on :

Thanks! That will be really helpful :-)

kuE on :

i have just remembered to tweet about this to my twitter friends, with a direct link to the survey. hope this helps... :-)

julian on :

Ya Twitter is where it's all happening now :-) Maybe I should have done my PhD on that!

Ei Leen on :

hi Is it possible for me to have the results for references? I'm doing this research for my social science class. Please and thanks

julian on :

Hi Ei Leen,

I emailed you, but in case you didn't get it (or for anyone with the same question)

You can download the results from here:

You can also see more about my research, some conference papers and so on, here:

If you have any other questions, please ask.

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