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Recycling Centres in Petaling Jaya

**Update 22 January 2012**

Well I just googled for a place to recycle glass in Kelana Jaya, and this post turns up first unfortunately. I say unfortunately, because I couldn't find out much then, and it just goes to show how little has changed in the last 2 years+.

Anyway - there is an updated list from Alam Flora, but it is pretty meagre.

Also, Nokia centres will take your batteries.

Good luck out there


One thing that frustrates me is finding places to drop of material for recycling. Getting rid of paper is easy enough - we just wait for the sounds of 'paper lama' to echo through the neighbourhood, and try to catch the truck - we don't ask for money as it is not a lot and - frankly - I think they're doing a public service.

Metal and plastic bottles ('hard plastic') is more haphazard, but still possible - what we do is to leave it on the corner or in front of the house in a fairly obvious manner, and within a couple of days someone has picked it up. Usually it's a guy cycling around, collecting scrap wherever he can. It will get recycled, but I wonder under what conditions - sometimes the manner of recycling is extremely un-eco-friendly too (see here for example) :-( Also, this isn't an option if you live in a condo or certain areas.

But getting rid of glass is a hassle, and for Tetra Paks and similar packaging it is even more difficult.

I did a quick search and came up with these two useful documents produced by the Global Environment Centre: 'recycling collection centres in the klang valley', and 'The Art of Recycling'. They both have addresses and information about recycling collection centres.

But still, the problem is that they may be out of date, and also one still has to work out where the places are.

So - here's a solution: The Google Maps 'Recycling Centres in Klang Valley' map!

View Larger Map

I've made the map public, so anyone can add and edit it (I think you need a Google login though), and I propose that for each entry the following information is provided:
• Status: i.e. confirmed or not, active or inactive
• What is collected: i.e. paper, glass, batteries...
• Time: i.e. opening times
• Address: duh
• Source: i.e. where does the information come from

You can check the map out here, and start adding your local collection points! If people add to it, and link to it from their blogs with some relevant keywords (recycling centre, recycling collection point, kelana jaya, kuala lumpur, damansara, etc...), it could start turning up in Google search.

**Edit 06/03/09**: Anyone can edit the map - click on the above link, sign into Google, click on 'Edit' and you're there!

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tom on :

Ahh.. nice...!! Definitely would come handy..

julian on :

I hope so. Please add anything you know :-)

Izuan on :

There's a center in carrefour subang jaya, and one in section 8 of shah alam, I'll pin those later. You can drop off stuff at the bins in monash as well.

All nokia service centers have big bins that take any sort of batteries, I know of ones in sunway pyramid and one utama.

synical on :

I need a place to dump the rechargable batteries - both the laptop and the AA variety, but I don't want to just chuck it in the trash.

julian on :

Izuan - Cool! Thanks :-)

synical - You can check out the Nokia Service Centres that Izuan mentioned?

synical on :

Saw this link in the latest KLue - it's supposed to be a recycling directory -

julian on :

Excellent, it looks pretty good :-) Combined with the map it could be even better! I'll leave a comment there. Thanks!

Pat Yap on :

Recycling has to become part of our life style. In other countries they have a system going so can we. We have started a recycling program (like overseas)in Subang Jaya. I would like to see all the goverment schools to have a recycling program.
Every 3rd Friday and Saturday we collect in front of SK Dato Onn Jaafar. we are trying to reach out to the students, teachers, parents and the community. The work is being done by volunteers/parents that like to make a change and together we are trying to educate the students. All the items will be send of the same day so no mess. We like the community to see and help this project.

Hussain Ajuadh on :

is there any place where we could buy recycled items such as cans and empty water bottles. i need plenty of recycled items for my college assignment.

julian on :

Sorry for the late response. Afraid I don't know, but I have seen one or two places down near Old Klang Road. On the bit under the overpass, not sure of the name of the road...

Sum1 on :

Very useful list of rcycling bin locations. Hopefully they are still in operation.

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